Why Using Gift Registry Online Makes Sense

Although several retailers have updated their kiosks so that you can go to a traditional store and register for your upcoming wedding or baby shower, it has actually become the norm for most families to register for an upcoming event using a service like


Fast and easy to use, online registries allow you to notify everyone that you intended to in a fraction of the time that it used to take to let friends and family know that you have an upcoming event.

Here are some reasons to switch your next gift registry experience to an online service:

They are normally universal: Instead of worrying about which place or site can handle your baptism versus your parent’s anniversary, you can simply go online and choose to register for any type of event that you would normally register for. With the selection headaches removed from the process, you can focus on finding the types of gifts that you and your family want from a large selection of vendors. When you are finished, you will likely find that the total amount of time that you spent putting your registry together is much less than it would be if you were to go out and visit individual stores to register.

Greater choice: As mentioned, using an online registry allows you to choose from more than just one store’s items when you select the goods that you would like people to purchase for you. This mall-like atmosphere may take a little getting used to at first because there are so many choices. Once you have selected the items that you want, however, you will see how seamless the experience is for people who look at your list and just see one list of items that can all be purchased with the same small number of clicks.

More responsive: When you have completed your list and held your event, it is straightforward for users to arrange to receive their items. Moreover, although you certainly can still hand write thank you notes, it is also perfectly acceptable to send an electronic thank you through the registry, something that allows you to never again forget which gift was provided by which party. If you would like to blend tradition with expediency, you can always print the list of gifts from your friends and then hand write each one a note.

In today’s world, making things convenient for those that you care about is really just a function of using a service that brings your relationship online. In addition to saving time that you would normally spend in a store, your friends also save time by not having to shop, giving a definite advantage to sites that allow you to register for gift service online. 

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