Walk in style to the office with these styling options

The question “What to wear for work?” is not as trivial as it may seem. In many organizations, the office handbook clearly delineates the workwear depending on the nature of the company. Or you may find expert tips on workwear in how-to guides in magazines. So the “what to wear to work” rules are everywhere. These office fashion rules usually center around the industry you work in. Plus, the season can also make a difference. Come summer, and you are surely tempted to take a break from the collared shirt, but according to fashion experts, no matter how hot it gets, it is not okay to take a vacation from professionalism.

Your 9-to-5 office style should be more about professional appearance than fashion statement. And nothing gives your workwear a spin than a well-fit buttoned-down shirt with a pair of cotton pants or knee-length skirt! Pick from trendy collection of shirts for women solves all “what to wear for office in summer” problems faced by the modern professional woman. If you are someone who is conscious about the quality and fit of your attire and wants to curate your own office wardrobe with effortless ease, then the trendy online fashion stores are here for you.

Here are a few suggestions from our fashion and etiquette experts to walk in style with these workwear choices that are both HR approved and summer ready:

  1. Team up a blue striped shirt with a flat collar with a beige- or ivory-colored cotton or linen pants or knee-length skirt. Opt for short sleeves for comfort.
  2. A plain off-white regular fit shirt is the classiest option. It goes well with any neutral or dark-colored lower body apparel.
  3. A denim shirt with three-quarter ruffled sleeves and mandarin collar is the perfect choice for a formal yet classy look.
  4. If your workplace allows prints, a beige shirt with floral print in contrast, full sleeves with button cuffs, can be paired with black pants or skirt. You can tuck up the shirt for those casual Friday looks.
  5. A “walk in style” is not complete without a pair of formal or semi-formal footwear. You are judged by the shoes you wear, and this also applies to your workplace. Bellies, whether flat or with heels, are the best choice for summers.

With these expert tips, you are sure to walk through the office door in style and comfort, polished, and ready to get down to business!

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