Top 5 Things to Look for When Choosing an Asian Wedding Photographer

Of all the wedding traditions in the world, Asian weddings are definitely some of the most interesting and unique of them all. Asian weddings are famous of the colour and vibrancy featured in centuries-old rituals and traditions. There are stark differences in the wedding practices of every Asian country, and it is important that you get a photographer who will match your needs.

Wedding photos are extremely important, not just to the couple, but to the friends and families as well. It is the way the newly-weds will be able to preserve the memory of the very special day. It is because of this reason that you must put careful thought into whom you will entrust with the task of immortalising your very special day through Asian wedding photography.

There are even more to consider if you are going to have an Asian wedding! Since these types of weddings tend to have intricacies and traditions that traditional Western weddings don’t, it is essential that you match with one that is experienced in Asian weddings such as Sikh weddings, Indian weddings, Muslim weddings, and Tamil weddings.

If you and your spouse-to-be are planning on an Asian wedding, then we’ve prepared this article to help you out in choosing your photographer for the big day! Read on and take some notes to make sure that your pictures are as perfect as your wedding.

  1. Check their credentials.

Making sure that your photographer is familiar with the type of Asian wedding you are about to have is probably the most important thing. Be sure to check their credentials, and ask for outputs of past wedding ceremonies that they have documented. If they have ones of Asian weddings, even better!

Having a photographer that is experienced will be one less thing to worry about for you. They will already know which angles are best, which parts of the ceremony are important, and what they should expect for the whole celebration. Since they have experienced an Asian wedding already, it should give their clients a sense of relief. Having a trustworthy and dependable team will allow you to just focus on your wedding and live in the moment! If you hire the right set of photographers, then you will have great wedding photos to look back on and relive.

  1. Be realistic with your budget.


Before considering any photographers, you should already have an idea of how much you can actually spend on your documentation team. It is important that you set a ceiling, or else you might end up overspending for services that you could have received at a cheaper price!

One way you can work within your budget is to determine what the non-negotiables for your wedding photos are. If you do not really need your photographers to be with you the whole day, and you only need a certain portion documented, then take note of that! Other things you can consider is having a one-man photographer rather than a team, as well as trimming down your shot list for the wedding day.

  1. Do your research, then set a meeting.


Thanks to the internet, you do not need to go knock on every photographer’s door to canvas your choices. Just go online, look up photographers who specialise in wedding photography, and do your research! Check out their past work, reviews, and take note of their rates if they have it online.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, we recommend that you set a meeting or drop by their studio. Before meeting the potential photographers, prepare a list of all the things you are curious about and make sure all your concerns are addressed.

Your wedding is a special event that only happens once in your life. It is only fitting that the photos you will remember that day by are of the highest quality, and that they will evoke the feelings that you felt that day. Follow our tips above to find the perfect Asian wedding photographer for you!

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