Things You Might Be Doing Wrong With Your Makeup

The horror of makeup is when you’re too late to realize that you’re doing it all wrong. No matter how good at makeup you already are, there might still be stuff you’re completely missing out. Here is a list of things you might be doing wrong with your make-up.

1. Using the wrong color foundation

– People tend to use a shade of foundation that is much darker than their natural skin to make them look tan, but that is not the best solution for hiding out the pale you. Instead, you are making your face look orange without it properly blended on your neck’s skin color. Use your own judgment to see if it looks natural.

2. Not including the neck in applying foundation

– Some people only focus on their face when applying foundation, and that is a big NO. When applying foundation, you must blend it down your neck, so there won’t be any visible lines along the jawline.

3. Neglecting to put face primer

– Putting on a face primer before applying any makeup on your face is a very helpful way to make the makeup stay longer. Some usually neglect using primer and just jump directly into putting makeup which is not quite advisable.

4. Putting concealer first before applying foundation

– Some people usually put concealer first to hide any undesirable blemish on their skin before putting on the foundation. This is also a big no. The right way is to put the foundation first before putting the concealer. Just imagine, why do you need to conceal something if foundation is already enough? This way, you’ll just have to use a little amount of concealer and conserve more.

5. Over powdering your face

– It is not good to put a lot of powder on your face unless you are aiming for a ghost look on a Halloween night. Over powdering your face will make it look very pale. Just apply a little amount of powder to help sit your makeup onto your face. You can buy and use sigma brushes Australia for a blended look.

6. Applying makeup on dry skin

– Applying makeup on dry skin is not good to look at. It will just accentuate flakiness and leave the makeup sitting on your face and not completely blending in with your skin. When you have a dry skin, it is advisable to put on moisturizers and exfoliating products to keep the dead skin away and be replaced with a better, healthier and more glowing skin.

7. Not moisturizing your lips before putting on lipstick

– It is important to put on some chapstick or any preferred lip balm or lip moisturizers before applying lipstick. It not just avoids your lips from getting that crackly look but also adds a more vibrant appeal to your lipstick.

8. Neglecting to put mascara on your bottom lashes

– People tend to miss out putting on mascara on their bottom lashes. It is good to do so because it highlights your eyes and makes it look more defined.

These are some of the things that people might be missing out in terms of makeup application. Knowing some of these can strongly help us in our everyday use of makeup, especially now that most girls can no longer go out with a bare face.

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