The Top Aspects You Should Know and Remember Before Ordering a Bespoke Suit

Bespoke suits have become the norm, and you can now even order a bespoke suit online at a leading tailor without breaking the bank. But while there may be a lot of bespoke tailors nowadays, and you can take your pick from more than a few, you still want to make sure that you make the right purchase – a purchase that can give you all that you expect, and then some. But if this is your first time ordering a bespoke suit, there are certain aspects you should know and remember as well. So what are these top aspects? Here’s your guide.

  • Know what the suit’s purpose will be. First and foremost, know what the suit’s purpose will be. What do you require the bespoke suit for, anyway? Knowing this will also help your bespoke tailor to make the best recommendations based on the suit’s purpose and function. Once you know the function and purpose of your bespoke suit, then it will be easier to choose other aspects, such as the material and fabric, the weave or pattern, the colour, and so on.

  • The cloth makes a difference. That being said, know what cloth to choose for your suit, as cloths can vary. For instance, 8-ounce cloth is perfect for the summer season, while 11-ounce cloth is ideal for the entire year. If you opt for 20 oz, know that this is quite heavy. Your bespoke tailor may also discuss the width of the fibres, which can be from ‘super 80’ to ‘super 240’ which is known as the finest width, but the length of the fibres is an essential consideration as well.

  • Don’t be afraid to go the traditional route. Here’s the thing: there may be a lot of trends when it comes to suits, but don’t be afraid to go the conventional route. The classic look is always a good choice, and when we talk about classic, we mean the standard and elegant single-breasted, two-button, three- or two-piece suit which features a back double vent.

  • The lapels you choose make a difference. In terms of lapels, choose the width according to the shape of your body – and make sure your tailor knows this. Request the gorge, which is the part where the lapel of your suit meets its collar, to be placed at a high position, and ask your tailor to show half an inch of the shirt to be displayed at the cuff.

  • Think about your trousers’ zipper as well. It’s all in the details, as they say, and even a small detail like the zipper matters. Your trousers, for instance, should have a steel zipper, so avoid buttons at all costs. Along with this, make sure your trousers have side pockets so you can make use of them. It would also be wise to avoid back pockets, no matter how convenient they may seem – they can spoil your trouser line and end up making your trousers look bulky and sloppy.

  • Don’t go for a fancy or bold lining. The lining should be subtle and in a plain, dark colour – even though it sounds interesting, you may well come to regret it.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com

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