The Essential Do’s Of Styling up Right!

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You know those days when you have a meeting scheduled at 9am in the morning and then that excessively important lunch with a foreign client followed by this baby shower of your best friend and then a dinner with your family? How exactly do you make up for those four different occasions dressed up perfectly and seemingly flawless in your carriage? To style up right is the key. It could be the small things that could make all the difference but fashion is now a much more comfort related factor than something just to impress. Here are the best ways you can look sensational without compromising on how you feel:

1. Search for those sheers:

They could be the perfect navy and royal blues that you could top up with a lime coloured tote and a bright orange corsage. Or it could be the simplistic overall toned nudes that you could highlight with your asscher diamonds engagement ring and a few more baubles to glam it all up. Sheers are the perfect options for the heavy and droned summers of our tropical climate and they are the comfort picks for almost every working lady.

2. Don’t Compromise on those Classy Pieces:

Have a string of different events all cramped in a day like the ones mentioned above? It is simple to change style if you know your basics right. A simple classic white shirt and comfort fit denims could fit in your meeting, add a vintage clutch and your lunch could simply breeze away with beauty. Exchange those denims for a sensuous long skirt and add those pearl studs to match your baby shower. Throw in those heels and your dinner is as good as any. The key is to know how to manipulate those classics to add on to your changing looks and to always keep them in sight for the best and clean results.

3. The Watch Goes a Long Way:

A good classic time piece on that wrist of yours could change the way you feel about what you are wearing. It is therefore not in vain that the biggest names in fashion have invested in heirloom pieces to style of their brands with oodles of royalty. A good watch in your closet is the best way to be lazy and still look good on those days when you just don’t feel like taking the effort to dress up. It is also one of the key elements to a good wardrobe. Worthy of a high investment it is something that can be passed on through to your future generations as a priceless treasure.

4. Bring on those Baubles:

Jewellery can never be understated when talking of how to dress up in style. There will always be those classic solitaires to stud up your ears and the string of grandmother’s oyster pearls for the perfect party. The emerald ring that can cast a light all around it when it is worn to a family get together or a simple gold chain that can adorn a normal work shirt. Less is more and that stays true to every aspect when considering pairing up jewellery of different kinds. You could be bold and team up a sapphire and rubies along with white gold or go simplistic with either one theme.

To dress up in style is nothing more than to express how you feel in that given moment. It is that which will make up your whole look and will give you the confidence to take it up further one notch.

Bio: Georgina Roll is a professional jeweller and fashion designer. She is all praise about the new collection of asscher diamonds engagement rings which are the bespoken charms of the fashion world at present. Her fashion advice is to take it slow and keep it as simple or wild as you want.


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