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The 5 Best Clothing Accessories Your Family Needs This Summer

Summer is finally coming closer and it’s time to consider the summer wardrobe. In addition to hairbands and the coolest shorts, there are other accessories you should invest in to keep the family safe and comfortable. They may cost a little more to make the investment, but you will see that they are worth the small price.


Pick up several pairs of sunglasses for each family member. Keep them in the car and inside the house. Protecting your eyes from the sun keeps the ultraviolet light from the eyes, eyelids and the sensitive skin around your eyes. It’s important for you and all members of the family.

Hats for Shade

Hats protect you from skin cancer by protecting the sensitive skin around your neck and throat. Choose a breezy straw hat that will let the warm summer air cool your head while still protecting your face and skin from the sun. Let your kids pick out fun safari hats with brims that will protect their skin while also fulfilling their need for stylish accessories.

Swim Shirts for Sun Protection

The skin on your back is not exposed as much as the skin on your arms, so it tends to burn faster. Protect the back, stomach and chest of your young boys and girls by picking up swim shirts. They are fashionable, safe to wear in water and extremely effective at protecting your kids from burns. If your child is spared just one sunburn because of the shirt, then it was well worth the investment.

Comfortable Shoes

Flip flops offer no support, and they lead to injuries when people try to run or play sports in them. Invest in comfortable sandals that provide support. If your family is active, look for sandals with toe and heel straps that your kids can wear while running or other athletic shoes.

Lightweight Jacket

Even in warm regions, the nights can get chilly. Buying jackets or long sleeve shirts for every family member can be a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. It’s normal to head out for a daytime event wearing shorts and a tank top, but what happens when the sun goes down and the temperature drops? If you are going to be out after dark, or if you are going to the seashore where there is a stronger breeze, take along a lightweight jacket just in case.

These five accessories are must-haves for the family this summer. It will drive up your clothing budget a little to make sure everyone has these items, but your family will be safe from the sun, you will avoid foot and ankle injuries and they will be comfortable when the temperatures drop at night. They will look stylish, but they will also be safe.

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