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Sporting Distractions in Cheshire This Summer

Cheshire is a county that offers visitors the best of both world. It’s filled to bursting with lush, green countryside, and yet it possesses excellent transport links to nearby Liverpool and Manchester. If you’re looking to enjoy a break, and you’re based in the Northwest, then there are few better places to do it.

For those of us who are inclined toward physical activities, the opportunities are riper than ever. In this article, we’ll explore just what the county has to offer in terms of sporting distractions. Whatever your sport of choice might happen to be, there’s sure to be something in the county to keep you occupied. In this article, we’ll examine some of what’s available.


Being home to such a wide range of sprawling open spaces, it should perhaps come as no surprise that golf courses are among Cheshire’s strengths. The county is home to several of them, each with their own merits. Perhaps most notable among these is Carden Park, near Chester. It’s an enormous hotel, attached to a similarly enormous estate whose grounds encompass a swimming pool, spa, and not one, but two eighteen-hole golf courses. With so many scintillating offers on discounted golf this summer, there are few more appealing locations to those looking to enjoy a spa and golf break. Plus, you’ll be able to use the park as a staging ground for visiting all of the various locations around the county.


While it’s not strictly a sport, we consider hiking still worth of inclusion because of the tremendous physical and mental benefits it brings. There are few things more likely to encourage one to don boots and get walking than a beautiful countryside through which to walk. And Cheshire offers such countryside in spades.

More than a hundred square miles of the Peak district lies in Cheshire. The highest peak in the county is the Shining Tor, on the eastern border with Derbyshire. It’ll offer a worthwhile challenge to seasoned hikers, but it’s still accessible to novices. Parking is free and the walk itself is around four miles – which should be covered in around two hours, depending on your levels of fitness.

If you’re looking to test your fitness and to enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding countryside, then there are few more suitable places in Cheshire!


Similarly, you might want to traverse the Cheshire countryside with the help of machinery. Fortunately, the county boasts a plethora of worthwhile cycle routes. You might, for example, enjoy a trip along the Biddulph Valley, via a route which starts and ends in Congleton. It’s around fourteen miles long, and makes use of a disused railway line.

Alternatively, you might enjoy the Chester Loop, a route which encircles (you’ve guessed it) the county town of Chester. There’s an enormous amount to see along the way, and at just six miles it’s a perfect way to see the sites without exhausting yourself.

If you’re a more experienced cyclist looking to set yourself something of a challenge, on the other hand, then you might consider a walk along the nearby Llangolen canal, which runs from Llangollen in neighbouring wales to Hurleston, Cheshire. Cyclists will be able to navigate the canal via the towpath, along the way enjoying the spectacular Pontcysyllte Aqueduct over the river Dee. Just be sure not to peer too far over the side!


Thus far, we’ve discussed activities which we all might, at one point or another, have attempted. But polo is something that few of us have the opportunity to do – since it requires an enormous amount of resources and expert supervision in order to do well. In Cheshire, you’ll find the J F polo academy, which provides attendees with professional instruction, and hour-long polo sessions .You’ll be able to get to grips with the sport in just a few hours, and so it’s perfect for a daylong event like a stag or hen party.

The demand for the experience, we might note, is rather large and at £175 per person, the experience isn’t something that most of us will be able to stump up for every day. But for those special occasions, you might consider the trip a worthwhile one.

As we’ve seen, Cheshire is home to several fantastic opportunities to get out and about and active. And we’ve barely touched upon the majority of them! So, if you’re planning a trip to the county – or if you’re a local looking to see what’s on offer around you – then be sure to explore the sport and fitness options available to you!

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