Selling Your Shades the Oliver Peoples Way

In 1987, the founders of the brand had purchased an estate collection of eyewear. Whilst admiring the highly detailed rimless and metal frames of the unworn sunglasses they had received, they stumbled across a receipt that was signed with the name ‘Oliver Peoples’ – a name that would transform both of their lives.

It was here that the renowned eye wear brand was born.

Moving away from the brightly coloured geometric shapes and loud stylisation of the 80’s, the founders promised sophisticated collections- ones that would survive the test of time. Their vintage look created an intellectual looking alternative. A product that was none offensive and free from the garishness that was currently dominating popular culture.

Oliver Peoples Sunglasses established itself as a luxury brand from day one. Opened in 1987, its very first store was located in West Hollywood. In very same year the product appeared on the front cover of German Vogue, quickly announcing itself as a serious contender within the fashion industry. Its retro style and look immediately caught the attention of high profile celebrities and continues to do so to this day. Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Zoey Deschanel have all been snapped in a pair of Oliver Peoples.

But what makes the influential brand a global favourite?

Their Infinite Collection

There’s no such thing as a one style fits all approach. Oliver Peoples’ collections take inspiration from a range of different sources that all have merit. Films, books, magazines and archival pieces; the vastness of influence means that the brand offers a range of styles and has therefore managed to widen its appeal. For example, in 2012 they launched their Gregory Peck collection, the style and design was directly inspired by the famous actor when he played Atticus Finch in the award-winning film, To Kill a Mocking Bird. There’s a good story behind every Oliver Peoples collection and a look to suit everyone.

Their Superior Craftsmanship

To achieve a high quality finish only high quality materials must be used. Oliver Peoples sculpts frames that encourage technological advancements but retains the human touch. With the choice of pure metal, or an earthy acetate frame, the consumer is able to narrow down their choice. It doesn’t matter which material is finally chosen- the final frame will still be hand carved and assessed by a person during the production process. Attention is given to every detail; the preciseness of every pin and plaque, the movement of the hinge and the prominence of the logo.

It’s not just the frame that uses superior materials. The selection of polarised and photochromic lenses deliver advanced technology that provides sharper vision, colour definition and contrast. The rare earth elements that are fused into the lenses effectively work to filter sunlight and improve functionality.

Every part of the manufacturing process matters.

The Unique Colours

Oliver Peoples offer a range of vintage style glasses in unique colourings. The Acetate frames often come in what are described as ‘hue’ colours. They range from tortoise shell blue to browns and have a very natural feel to them. The soft hues have become a trademark of the brand although alternative colours are manufactured to mirror that of the season.

The metal frames, which promise durability for longer-lasting wear, are available in shades of antique gold and pewter. Combining lightweight and comfort the metal frame is a favourite with the practical customer.

The Customisation

At present, Oliver Peoples is even offering customers the chance to customise their own frame. By reinterpreting some of the most iconic Oliver Peoples styles and introducing their own ideas and preferences, the finished product truly is one-of-a-kind.

The Unique Finish

Every Oliver Peoples product has an authentic and distinctive finish. By disregarding the conventional manufacturing process, Oliver Peoples injects personality into every creation. When you wear a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses everyone know who and what they are.

When the brand launched all those years ago their aim was to create a superior product that celebrated the rich Californian culture. They resolved to deliver this objective through their unique approach and unquestionable expertise that would form the brand’s distinctive philosophy. By keeping this philosophy at the heart of their craftsmanship, their new collections and their customer service, Oliver Peoples Glasses have created a unique selling point that beats that of its rivals hands down.

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