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Sauna Heaters, How to Choose The Best One For You

When it comes to buying sauna heaters, it is important that you get the choice just right for the type of sauna which you have, and the needs of the people who will be using the heaters. There are many things to consider when selecting the sauna heater that is right for you and we have put together some of the key considerations which you will need to make if the time has come to replace your existing heater.

Let’s take a look then at some of the factors which you should take into account when deciding on the best sauna heater.


Generally speaking, the heater is the most prominent feature in an otherwise quiet and spacious sauna space and with this in mind, it is important that you choose a heater which looks great. You can choose from heaters with visible coals, reflective heat rings as well as a range of materials which have been used to make the heater such as stainless steel, polished metal or even something a little more natural looking such as treated wood.


If you are buying a heater for a small, personal sauna, it is unlikely that you will need something which is highly durable, if however you are purchasing a heater for a hotel or leisure club sauna, this will see much more action and will need to be very durable. Consider how much the heater will be used when deciding on which one to buy.


Some heaters will get hot quicker than others and this can be very important depending on how much use the heater will have. To use the example from earlier, if you have a leisure club or hotel, you can afford a slow heater whereas if you are using one for personal use, you will want the heater to get hot at speed so that you can head in on a whim.

Heating Capacity

Because of the varying sizes of saunas, there is no one-rule-fits all in terms of the power of heater which you will need. Each heater that you see will have different capabilities and be able to provide heat for different sizes of sauna. Before you go shopping for your heater, you should measure the height, length and width of your sauna so that you can make the smartest decision as to which one will be right for you and the sauna that you are equipping.


And of course, the biggest consideration of all will be how much you spend on the heater. In this field, you really get what you pay for and depending on your requirements, you can spend as little, or as much as you like. For example, if you want a heater that reaches peak heat quickly, can heat a large space, looks great and is sturdy and long-lasting, you will be looking to invest at the high end of the market.

The key is to work out what you need, what you can spend, and then go shopping!

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