Plan the Perfect Wedding

Producing your own wedding program allows you to take creative control over an integral part of the ceremony. It helps you to offer insight to your guests about your relationship as well as information about those who make up the wedding party.

For any in the audience who may not know both of you well, be sure to include your names in entirety. Follow that with the date and location of the nuptials. Include the name and title of the person you have chosen to officiate at the ceremony. Proceed to list the order of the events the guests will witness and give a brief overview as to what they can expect at each step. Do not make your audience guess the significance of each member of the wedding party; list their names and roles, and include a short bio that explains their relationship to you or your betrothed. The program is also a wonderful space in which to include a thank you note to the parents. Learn more about making your own programs at home along with tips for do-it-yourself wedding invitations from the following infographic.

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