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Most Important Bachelorette Party Advice

Between finding and fitting the perfect wedding dress, ordering flowers, tasting cake and planning a honeymoon, there is little time for a bride to focus on anything else; which is why every lady needs a kind helping hand, or ten! The maid of honour and bridesmaids have the responsibility of planning the perfect bachelorette bash behind the scenes while the wedding extravaganza is underway. Here are a 10 things to consider when planning the perfect bachelorette getaway weekend:

  • Only invite the necessary people. The bride is going to celebrate with everyone on her wedding day, so no need to search deep into her history for family and friends that she doesn’t have much contact with.
  • Choose a decent venue. Wine farms and day spas are perfect venues for bachelorettes. The relaxation and rejuvenation is what the bride is probably craving most, and the evenings are open for drinks, laughs and memories! Even a resort surrounded by nature promises for the perfect balance between clarity and chaos (the good kind).
  • Be open to suggestions. When it comes to dates and venues, hear what other ladies have to say without getting frustrated, even though you are team leader. When it comes to timing and budgeting, everyone deserves a say and some people may have amazing alternatives. Ask for help if you need it and communicate well.
  • Make dressing up easy. Only choose one day for special outfits, going overboard with costume expectancies throughout the weekend is unnecessary. Remember that packing space is limited, so try and keep this one-time dress code simple!
  • Not everyone enjoys phallic humour. In fact, many women find it rather immature. A little giggle here and there is absolutely fine if it is in the bride’s interest, but don’t bombard the party with indiscrete décor.
  • Distribute a schedule for the weekend. This will help ladies know what they should pack in and what they can leave behind. Don’t fill the hours up though, allow conversation, fun and laughter to happen naturally with enough free time to talk and chill space to relax.
  • Get individual photos. Group photos are a must have and creates that nostalgic feeling, but taking individual photos of each girl will show their personalities and bring a fun dynamic to the photo album! Do this at the peak of an evening with drinks and you will get the perfect pictures.
  • Give the bride a break. You can involve her in decisions or ask her advice on certain ideas, but don’t hold her responsible for planning everything. The weekend may not be a secret (since everyone needs to book it out on their calendar in advance), but you can still keep the element of surprise alive!
  • Incorporate the groom. It’s ladies night out, no men allowed! Although, we all know how sweet it is when she gets happy to see him- you are celebrating their love after all. Have the groom make a surprise video that the bride can watch when the time is best suited. Presenting her with a small gift from him also works!
  • Give the guests thank you gifts. This does not have to be a budget breaker, but the ladies did put a lot of time, money and effort into the weekend! Giving each guest a small gift as a token of appreciation is a great way to end this fantastic weekend off. You all deserve it!

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