How To Wear Your Designer Handmade Italian Shoes

You know how women love their makeup, high heel shoes, dinner gowns and everything fashionable in between. Well, they are not the only ones who love fashion; men have their own poison too – shoes. Yes, most men would choose shoes over any other item of clothing. I personally love me some Italian handmade shoes and so I have decided to talk a little bit about them.

Beautiful thing about Italy – besides the Vatican City – is that shoes made in Italy seem to fit so many different kinds of clothing. There is a certain luxury accompanied with a sense of privilege I feel whenever I wear any of my Italian designer shoes.

These shoes are of topnotch quality and are unique and innovative in design and function. They deserve justice from the wearer each time they are worn. How? Here are some ways you can do just that.

  1. Office outfit

If you work in the corporate world, this means you probably wear a suit to the office all week long, which means you belong in the category of people who rock Italian shoes the most. Put on your three-piece suit, style your hair, step into a pair of luxury handmade Italian shoes and look in the mirror. If you do not like what you see, return the shoe and ask for a refund.

Pairing your corporate world dressing with a pair of these luxury shoes is the best way to make a fashion and status statement in the corporate world. It gives off the impression to others that you are not afraid to invest in high quality stuff; it will also make the ladies fall head over stilettos in admiration.

  1. Casual outfit

If you do not mind being the center of attention whenever you step out the door, then you should have no problem pairing your casuals with a luxury Italian handmade shoe. This combination will definitely put you in the spotlight. Also, if you have self-confidence issues, this will definitely help with that; nobody in their right minds will be able to look down on you in this ensemble. All you need to do is strut down the street with your head held high and the shoes and outfit will do the rest.

  1. Party outfit

You could change your pants or shirt five times a day and people will barely notice. However, change your shoes once and they will talk for days. That is your goal, is it not? Then do not ever leave your hand crafted Italian shoes behind whenever you are invited to a friend or colleague’s party.

Put on your tuxedo or perhaps something a little more laid back and match with the quality accessories. Then put in the final touch by slipping into your handmade Italian shoes. It is like the cherry on top of an otherwise incomplete cake. You will definitely enjoy the party more with these shoes because besides luxury, they are made for comfort, so you do not need to worry about aching feet.

There are so many other ways and occasions to spot your Italian handmade shoes, but do not forget that the most important thing is confidence. If you have that then the rest is easy.

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