How to Take Care of Your Diamond Rings.

diamond ringDiamonds are considered an investment. These glistening beauties need proper care and protection to ensure they shine like the stars. Buying diamond jewellery always sends a sliver of excitement shooting from your stomach right to your toes. However, it is important to look after them and therefore keeping them clean is essential. Diamond jewellery is something that people may not wear on a daily basis. Thus, they should be stored safely when not being used. Sometimes, prolonged use causes the gemstone embedded into the jewellery like earrings and diamond rings to become loose. If you notice this, do not wear it outside; chances are the stone might pop out and all the value attached to the jewellery would be lost.

The first thing that you should do is take it to a trusted and professional jeweller who will give you the right assistance in repairing the jewellery after a meticulous assessment. Most people would only opt for a jeweller when their gemstone feels loose. However, you must be more proactive than that. You must get your diamond jewellery checked at least once every year. If you happen to store all your jewellery pieces in one jewellery box, make sure you line the box with fabric so as to not cause ghastly scratches to appear on its surface. Always use jewellery boxes which have compartments or dividers so that the jewellery pieces do not scratch against each other.

Diamonds are very durable stones. That does not mean you can perform household chores and yard activities and expect the diamonds to not chip off if it receives a hard blow. The chemicals and bleach that is used in washing powders and other soaps used for cleaning purposes can damage the surface of the diamonds. It is, therefore, advisable that you keep your diamond jewellery, especially diamond rings away when doing such types of rough work.

No matter how sparkly diamonds look, if you do not care for them, they will soon look dull and lifeless, not to mention completely unattractive. The surface of the diamond comes in contact with several substances in everyday life that takes away the brilliance from it. The best way to ensure this does not happen is by soaking the diamonds in a detergent bath. Never use a cleaner that contains chlorine. Use a brush with soft bristles to clean the surface of the diamonds and pour warm water over them to clean them. Pat dry with a soft cloth and your diamond will look good as new.

You can also clean your diamond jewellery by preparing a solution containing 3 parts cold water and 1 part very mild detergent, again stay away from chlorine. Use a brush to gently clean the surface and use tissues to soak up the water once they are rinsed. You could also use the various jewellery cleaning solutions that are available in the market. Avoid touching the surface of the diamonds with bare fingers as it leaves an oily film on its surface. Most people when taking off their jewellery leave it near the sink. You should never keep your jewellery anywhere near the sink. It may accidentally slip and fall into the drain and you may never get the gleaming stone back. Also, you must never take off your jewellery in a public place. There is a possibility that you may forget all about it and leave without them only to realize your mistake. You may never get them back again.  If diamonds are treated with the right amount of love and care, they will last much longer than you’d expect.

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Gemma is a jewellery designer. She specialises in designing wedding jewellery for both the bride and the groom with diamond neck pieces and diamond rings being her best creations. A diamond lover herself, she loves to splurge on diamond jewellery occasionally.

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