How to Save Money on Your Flights

With more and more flights popping up every day, whether they are simply to destinations just across to country, or ones to destinations afar. We now have access to thousands of destinations all over the world, and this has given most of us a bit of a travel bug.

The thing is, that even if you have the leave to go on exotic holidays often (remote work has made this possible), flights aren’t cheap. And despite their increasing accessibility, they don’t seem to be going down in price much.

So how can you save cash on flights in order to get the travel fix that you so badly need?

Here are out top tips for saving money on flights:

Sundays are the best days to book your flight

Most people travel on a Friday, and this means that travel agents, hotels and airlines adjust their prices for the volume. Book your flights on a Sunday and you are sure to get cheaper tickets. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should travel on a Sunday – just make your bookings and according to Expedia, you can save around 30% on your flights.

Remove the cookies on your computer

One thing that really helps when it comes to saving money on flights, which is often unknown, is simply removing the cookies on your web browser. Sites such as TripAdvisor use your cookies to see which flights you have previously looked at and purchased. The flights then don’t come back any cheaper than those you have previously bought – even if they are available.

Travel in the off season

There are obviously some times of year that are going to be more expensive than others. This can depend on the weather, for example, travelling to Thailand is best between July and October, as it’s the rainy season and there are fewer travellers – which makes it much cheaper. It’s also dependant on school holidays. Travelling during school holiday months is bound to make your flights more expensive. If you don’t have children and can avoid travelling over these months, then your flights will be less expensive. Holiday season is obviously the most expensive time to travel. Christmas and New Year’s flights are inflated and in some cases twice as expensive as other times of the year.

Cash back and loyalty programs

Most airlines will have loyalty programs that you can save money on, and some health insurance schemes even give 40% off some flights to their valued customers. Check out what you can join for future trips. There are also cash back companies like Saivian, which is an iOS app that will give you cash back on your favourite stores and travel companies. You can stand to get around half your money back a year with them.

Mix and match your flights

Sometimes it really pays off just to sit down for a couple of hours and do some comprehensive research into your flights. It may be cheaper to buy tickets half way on one airline, and the way back with the other; buying two one ways rather than a return, or simply flying via another country and having a stopover for a few hours.

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