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How to Burn Calories on the New York Subway

For every commuter that suffers the frustrating daily commute via train, bus or car there is an exercise plan laying just waiting to be exposed. The journeys that take place each day on the New York Subway network reveal enormous opportunities for the inhabitants of New York, and tourists alike, to remain physically active and works towards a healthier existence. Health website working with licensed physician, Wayne Osborne, has created a full-blown map of the New York Subway complete with a calorie count between each stop.

 _84675007_000387150-1’s New York Map of Calories monitors the total distance and calorie expenditure for all major lines, split by walking, jogging and cycling the routes that follow the subway’s trains. The newly presented information is seen by Dr Wayne Osborne as a penitential means to an end for common health concerns that arise so often from immobility and lack of exercise, such as heart disease, respiratory problems and even diabetes Type 2.    


The desire to switch the subway for the sidewalk may appear as a redundant action for may of the city’s commuters who rely on the speed and convenience of the public transport system, although it is this mindset that is fueling the obesity epidemic and Nations’ impending nosedive towards a whirlpool of chronic long-term illness that may be too much of a match for the latest innovations of medicine. Has outlined the top 10 most beneficial journeys in terms of accumulating calories burnt by walking, jogging and cycling.


#1: Howard Beach / Jfk – Broad Channel (a)

– Walking: 414 calories

– Jogging: 649 calories

– Cycling: 211 calories


#2: Roosevelt Island – Lexington Av (f)

-Walking: 343 calories

– Jogging: 538 calories

– Cycling: 251 calories


#3: 42 St / Grand Central – Vernon Blvd / Jackson Av (7)

– Walking: 338 calories

– Jogging: 524 calories

– Cycling: 203 calories


#4: 1 Av – Bedford Av (L)

– Walking: 263 calories

– Jogging: 414 calories

– Cycling: 178 calories


#5: Grand St – Atlantic Av (D)

– Walking: 258 calories

– Jogging: 400 calories

– Cycling: 162 calories


#6: Broad Channel – Beach 67 St (A)

– Walking: 249 calories

– Jogging: 386 calories

– Cycling: 251 calories


#7: Bowling Green – Borough Hall (4,5)

– Walking: 227 calories

– Jogging: 359 calories

– Cycling: 130 calories


#8: Lexington / 53 St – Court Sq (E)

– Walking: 223 calories

– Jogging: 345 calories

– Cycling: 122 calories


#9: Canal St – DeKalb St (Q)

– Walking: 214 calories

– Jogging: 331 calories

– Cycling: 138 calories


#10: Grand St – DeKalb St (B)

– Walking: 209 calories

– Jogging: 331 calories

– Cycling: 146 calories

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