How to Best Organise the Perfect Hen Party

Organising a wedding is difficult enough for a bride – there are so many aspects to think about, from the caterer to the venue to the date itself – that it can be quite a challenge to make sure the wedding goes as perfectly as planned. Fortunately, there’s something that the maid of honour and the bridesmaids can do for the bride in order to give her a bit of fun before the big day: the hen party. The hen party is an event that all brides-to-be and their entourage look forward to, and for good reason. So, are you in charge of planning a hen party? Here’s how best to organise the perfect hen party – one that’s not easy to forget.

Set the date

The first step for you to take is to decide on the date of the hen party. The ideal date is actually, according to the experts, about 4 to 6 weeks prior to the wedding day, so the guests can be comfortable and the bride can properly recover as well.

Ask the bride for input

Even though you may be in charge of planning the event, it doesn’t hurt to ask for the bride’s input as well. She may want you to plan everything – and surprise her, of course – but it may be a good idea to know about her own preferences by asking her what types of hen parties she attended that she liked or disliked.

Plan activities wisely

You may have a host of activities planned for the big event, but this doesn’t mean that you should cram all sorts of activities in just a few hours. Make sure the guests have time to prepare for all the different activities you have in store. This is where a hen party weekend is usually a good idea, so you can do various activities that will suit all the guests’ preferences.

Think outside of the box

Hen parties are the bride’s chance to let loose and relax and enjoy herself. But it’s a chance for the bride to bond with her wedding party as well, so it would be nice to choose activities which are more than just the usual hen party activity. Most hen parties, for instance, involve lots of alcohol (unless the bride doesn’t want this type of party), but if you’re planning to drink, why not make it more special by hosting a hen party life drawing class? This is a different kind of party in that, whilst drinking, you can draw a male model who will be posing expressly for you and the other guests.

Other activities which may provide a certain amount of thrill, adventure, and excitement would be some outdoor adventures such as hiking, or planning a trip to an entirely different location – somewhere most of you have never been before.

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