How Lasers Can Zap Those Wrinkles Away

The health of our skin is constantly under attack. As we age, it loses its elasticity and youthful appearance. Combined with exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun (because we destroyed the ozone layer), and the environmental pollution that is around us, and it quickly becomes clear that we don’t stand a chance against Father Time. However, there are things out there that you can do, other than trying every single anti-aging and wrinkle cream that you can find in your local drugstore.

One of these techniques is laser, which is one of the most advanced types of wrinkle removal in Orange County. When using laser, sun damaged skin is removed and it works particularly well on neck and face wrinkles. One of the things that are so great about this type of treatment is that it can also address fine lines, including those around the mouth, cheeks, and eyes. Plus, it makes your entire complexion look better because it gets rid of any uneven tones on your face.

Why Laser Is so Popular

Laser is popular not just because it is effective in getting rid of new wrinkles. It is also popular because it only takes a short period of time to complete, and because it is completely painless. Once the procedure is completed, your skin will look younger and healthier. It sets itself apart from daily anti-wrinkle products because it lasts for as much as a year! Plus, it is actually surprisingly affordable.

That said, although it lasts one year, it is not permanent. This is because it doesn’t actually solve the symptoms of aging, which nothing can do. Aging is caused by lack of collagen and elastin, and once that is gone, it’s not coming back. What laser does is increase the levels and strength of collagen and elastin, but more will get destroyed as you age.

Before you have laser treatment completed, however, you have to make sure that you consult with a trained physician. Tell them about your lifestyle and whether or not you take any medication. They will also be able to tell you what you need to do before, during, and after the procedure, particularly in relation to wearing makeup, cleansing, and sun exposure. Furthermore, during consultation, your physician will be able to determine which type of laser is most suitable for your skin.

When you use laser wrinkle removal, your skin will instantly look ten years younger. No more fine wrinkles, no more frown lines, no more crow’s feet. Whether your skin is damaged by acne, by the sun, by pollution, or just by aging, laser can blast it back in time. The top layer of the skin is removed through the laser, sometimes over the course of a few treatments. The darker your natural skin tone, the more likely you are to need multiple treatments. However, once its effects start to take hold, you may just have to do a double take every time you walk past a mirror!

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