We have been conditioned to associate jewelry with women. It is because the industry hasn’t penetrated deep enough into the jewelry market for men. In the millennial world with ever-changing fashion spheres, accouterments evolve across genders. Living in the 21st century, we see men adorning understated pieces of jewelry that don’t take away from their personality but, in fact, add to it.

In the 2011 movie ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, Ryan Gosling carries off rings, necklaces, watches, cuff-links with such grace and he even teaches the art of style statement to the protagonist Steve Carell. When it comes to men’s jewelry, less is always more.

Here are a couple of ornaments that can spruce up your wardrobe this summer.



Apart from religious-astrological purposes or for a wedding ceremony, a man wearing a ring is a style statement. The little finger is often the most common choice for a man to flaunt a ring. Depending on your style and what goes best with your outfit, you can wear a large stoned ring or a thick band engraved with a personal embellishment. If you’re confident enough, you can even try wearing multiple rings on one or both hands. It all depends on the kind of look and message you want to send out.


Wearing a bracelet can make you look like someone who’s comfortable in their own skin. In one of the episode of the popular sitcom, FRIENDS, Joey gifts a gold bracelet to Chandler with the inscription ‘Best Buds’. Now that’s a kind of hand adornment you DON’T want to be spotted in. You could wear a simple leather bracelet or layer up a couple of thin black bands with one silver chain bracelet. While layering your arm, remember to have not more than five lines or it could turn quickly from eye-catching to attention-grabbing.


Watch is the most common piece of man jewelry and every guy owns at least one. Watch is probably the only jewelry that is worn equally by men and women, or more by men in all probability. Watches are sophisticated but can be an expensive accouterments to add to your collection of accessories. You can buy 3-4 cheap watches in varied bands and dials that go with different style of your clothes and appearances. Or you can purchase an expensive classic watch that goes with every style.


This is a subjective accessory and is applicable only to men who have pierced earlobes. The vast majority of men with pierced ears wear studs or small hoops. Choosing to wear them in one ear or in both depends on the overall vibe of your outfit. Even a small diamond stud can change your look from an easygoing chap to a bad-boy archetype. For those who don’t or can’t get their ears pierced can always go for magnetic or clip-on studs or hoops.



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