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Five Great Reasons to take your Children Jewellery Shopping

This article looks at how children and teenagers can enjoy a sense of individuality through fashion jewellery as well as adopt a shrewd sense of shopping and to even create their own items.

The times they are a-changing and in this modern age children are proud to be individuals and parents are happy to encourage them too. Rather than covet their parent’s jewellery boxes, kids over the last few years have found their own sense of style through childrens jewellery and it’s a great way to give them a little independence over purchasing decisions. We take a look at how children can have a greater sense of individuality through fashion jewellery and also how to help them make the right shopping choices.

Flair and Creativity:

Childrens jewellery is not as limited as adult’s because children are freer with their tastes. Kids love bright jewellery, mixed materials and things they can put together themselves. Trollbeads for instance are highly popular with kids who like to put their own bracelets together. They can also buy catches and clasps to start creating their own jewellery pieces.

Encouraging Individuality:

Being an individual is celebrated in childhood today. Children need to be encouraged to discover their own identity and sense of style and fashionable childrens jewellery is the ideal way to do this. The way kids interact with jewellery has shown to be a good way to boost their confidence and to project themselves as the people they believe they are. It’s not necessarily about the bling- it’s about being who they want to be.

Making Decisions:

Unlike buying clothing, parents don’t need to worry so much about the choices their children make. Many parents for instance, wouldn’t be happy to let their teenage daughter choose any clothes she likes as they may be highly unsuitable for her age. Children need to be free to experiment with different jewellery designs to find their own style however and what they do need to understand is how much they can spend.

Learning how to Budget:

As any adult with a credit card bill knows, the younger you instill a sense of canny shopping into your offspring the better. That doesn’t mean they can’t choose any children’s jewellery of high value, as long as you have told them of their budget. Make sure they know how much they are allowed to spend and that if they choose something out of that price range they need to find the money themselves.

Understanding Heritage:

There will be a moment in your child or teenager’s life when they desire a valuable piece of jewellery. This is a great time for them to understand about the importance of heritage by suggesting that they will pass this piece of jewellery on to their own children one day. A valuable jewellery item, worn only for special occasions, is an ideal introduction into looking after one’s possessions.

Childrens jewellery shopping is about having fun, creating new items and being an individual. Sometimes it’s also about learning how to shop and how to look after items of value.


Mary Yohanan is a children’s fashion writer who contributes articles to a variety of online publications. Her favourite online shop for children’s jewellery is Acotis Diamonds.

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