Fashion tips for the woman who loves to wear cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are luxurious, rich, large and dramatic. If worn in a proper way, they can become a style statement and they’re very much in fashion these days. It is not just that rubies, diamonds, sapphires, emeralds can produce lavish and rich designs but nowadays even the semi-precious stones like jade, amethyst and pearls are being used to create beautiful patterns for opulent rings. The ultimate goal is to garner attention to your hands. Read on to know about the few fashion tips about how you should wear a cocktail ring in the right way.

Wearing a cocktail ring – What are the tips?

You must have seen different types of bold, dramatic and loud designs of cocktail rings. The beauty of such rings lie in the matter that they have to be eye-catching thereby making it one of the best ways of flaunting your individuality and style. Let’s check out few tips to flaunt your style with the perfect ring.

  • When did opulent rings become so famous?

Cocktail rings, during the ‘20s, were commonly worn at different occasions and this was a time when numerous changes came into existence and women started enjoying better freedom. Since these rings were also worn at cocktail parties, they derived the name of being called cocktail rings. Since they are large enough, they symbolize independence, individuality and fabulousness. With time, they began to be accepted as the most popular trend and not just a fashion statement.

  • How to decide which hand to wear the cocktail ring?

Well, if you go by the tradition, then they’re worn on the right hand because of the fact that the ring finger of the left hand is usually engaged for the wedding ring or wedding bands. Nevertheless, this tradition is also changing with time and you will commonly find women who are wearing such rings on both their right and left fingers. It is entirely on you about where you want to wear the cocktail ring.

  • How to match the ring with your finger?

Though it is true that you can wear cocktail rings of several sizes and shapes, you have to be watchful about the selection of your finger. If the ring that you’re going to wear is a large one which has got a longer design instead of a wider, this won’t suit your little finger. On the other hand, if the ring is round and big, choose to wear it in your middle finger as it looks perfect when it sits in the centre of your hand.

  • Keep experimenting with cocktail rings

They are supposed to be fun things which can show off your personality and you can easily play with the colors of your outfit and the ring. You may try your best to match the ring for getting the unified look and also keep playing with the sizes, shapes and the materials with which the rings are made of.

Cocktail rings are therefore a surefire style statement and unless you start wearing them, you won’t feel the charm. Follow the fashion guide given above to make the right choice.

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