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Fancy Dress and Party Fashion for the Mature Woman

Feeling and looking great whilst out celebrating special events is important to everyone. Women over 50 may find it hard to find clothes they love which are fun and fashionable.

What to wear

Whatever your age it is always great fun to dress up for a night on the town or for a celebration with friends. Finding that perfect outfit will draw plenty of complements making you feel as good as you look. Whether you are going for a glamorous party look or attending an event in fancy dress it is possible to look great.

Many people are put off of wearing fancy dress outfits as they grow older feeling that they will be unsuitable. However there is a huge range of outfits and styles available and it is easy to find something to suit your body shape and sense of style.

Changing styles

As you grow older, your choice of what to wear has as much to do with making the best of your body shape and most attractive features as it does with wearing this season’s fashion. Many fashion styles are aimed at teenagers and young women and simply look out of place on older women, making them look as if they are trying to be younger than they are, rather than simply being fashion conscious. When looking for clothes, consider the shape and fit of the item. Short skirts and dresses are regularly in fashion, however these rarely look good on a woman over 45. Wearing leggings with shorter hemlines will give you a modern look without being too revealing. For dressing up parties there are lots of options to choose from. Fancy dress next day delivery is available for last minute party plans.

Layering tops or tunics is also a fashionable look which is ideal for wearing a low cut top if you do not want to be too revealing. A vest top in a contrasting colour can also add interest to your outfit. Soft floaty fabrics will move with your body without clinging in the wrong places. Rich deep colours look great with olive and dark skin tones whilst pastel colours will suit fairer skin.


Use fashionable accessories to draw attention to certain areas and away from others, for example a statement bracelet will draw the eye to your hands and arms, a bold necklace will draw attention to the face and neck and away from your waist and legs.

There are many great brands of underwear which help to hold in your tummy and accentuate your figure. Most of these are seamless and won’t be seen under your outfit, giving you more confidence to wear closely fitted clothing in different styles.

If you are attending a fancy dress party there are lots of outfits which will look great. Whether you want to create a fun or a sexy look there are plenty of styles to choose from with accessories such as hats and capes. You can accessorise the outfit however you please or mix and match with items from your own wardrobe for your own unique look.


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