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Fabulously Fashionable New Handbags for the Summer Season

From the Bucket to the Shopper, this article takes a look at the fabulously fashionable handbag trends that will be seen on the arm of every fashionista this summer. Keep reading to find out which bag styles you need to invest in this season.

Oversized Bags
From stylish shoppers to trendy totes, this season’s hottest bags are oversized. They’re perfectly practical for holiday hand luggage, for the office and for ladies who can’t leave home without a bag full of ‘essential’ items. Look out for dark, glossy colours and extravagant details such as tassels and studs and you’ll be right on trend.

There was once a time when floral prints were just for grandmas. Luckily, since those days, florals have become more contemporary, brighter, bolder and very beautiful. Floral handbags are a super summery choice and perfect for adding a splash of colour to a dull outfit: the brighter the better! A Bulaggi bag has a wonderfully colourful floral bag that is adorned with a matching floral scarf.

Metallic Trims
Loved by rock chicks, metallic trims are just so fashionable at the moment. From super cool spikes and studs to Chanel-style trims and handles, the alternative metal accents have taken over the high street this season! These metal trims are ideal for adding an edgy look to a girl outfit.

Glamorous and gorgeous, feminine lace items were seen on every runway show at every fashion event this season. And handbags are no different. Lace effect leather and beautiful cut-out designs combine with soft, girly colours to create super-pretty handbags that are just perfect for special summer occasions.

Black and white colour blocking, black and white stripes, black and white spots! Whichever way you look at it, the monochrome trend has ascended upon every ladieswear retailer this season. A classic colour combination, black & white is sophisticated and elegant   ideal for any occasion, or for everyday use.

Mini Bags
From mini satchels to tiny cross body bags, scaled down versions of the most fashionable bag styles are absolutely perfect for nights out. Just big enough for a mobile phone, money and credit cards, they are pretty rather than practical!

The ‘slouchy’ hobo bag has been a favourite for a couple of seasons but, looking at the summer trends, it seems to be here to stay for a little longer. Great news for lovers of this versatile, practical bag style, which is large enough for all your essentials.

A functional bag that’s been updated and given a makeover, the duffel bag is large and practical. This season’s duffel bag is classic leather in a choice of stylish colours, with no embellishments or adornments.

Think back to the satchel you used for school. Not exactly trendy was it?! The modern-day satchel, as seen at Bulaggi bags, is super cool, featuring contrasting colours, stud and spike adornments and fabulous turnlock closures. A world away from school, but still just as practical!

AUTHOR BIO: Joana Hall is a fashion writer and stylist who writes regularly for a number of websites and blogs. Joana is a lover of all things fashion, particularly gorgeous shoes and beautiful handbags. Click here to check out some of Joana’s favourite bag styles.

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