Evening Dress Style Tips for Petite Women

If you’re a petite woman, you may find it difficult to shop for an evening dress that will fit your frame perfectly and bring out your best features. In fact, many petite women find it nearly impossible to locate a dress that won’t need to be altered, particularly for length, and it can even be hard to find dresses that will fit against your frame if you’re slender as well. Thankfully, there are some ways to easily shop for the beautiful evening dresses that you’ll need for formal events. Check out the tips below to learn more.

Opt for a Dress with an Asymmetrical Hemline

Asymmetrical hemlines are great for petite women because they make you appear taller. Also known as high-low or hi-lo dresses, these will feature skirts that have a higher hem in the front or on the side contrasted with a lower hem in the back. This ultimately creates a diagonal hem that softens the blow of a horizontal hemline that would otherwise make you look shorter.

Choose a Dress That’s Slim Fitting

Hug your curves and show them off by getting a dress that’s slim fitting. In this way, the dress will not overwhelm you and your small body frame. Instead, you’ll be flaunting your best assets and the dress will help to accentuate those features.

Show Off Your Legs

The right evening dress can be short and fashionable, as well as formal. The key is to look for really elegant styles that will hit above the knee so that you can really show off your legs. This will also serve to make you appear taller, and it will also bring out your curves from your hips to your bust. If you don’t feel comfortable, or it would not be appropriate, to wear an evening dress that lands above your knees, you can also go for a style that lands just below your knees to still show off your legs and give the illusion of more height.

Get the Right Neckline

For an evening dress that will accentuate the best of your petite figure, focus on the neckline. A plunging v-neck or a standard v-neck are both great choices, though you can also go for a halter-top as well. These necklines, in particular, will elongate your body vertically and make you appear taller. Plus, they’re also sexy necklines that can easily show off a lovely piece of jewelry around your neck.

What to Avoid

Now that you know a few things to look for in the ideal dress, also keep in mind that you should avoid ball gowns or any dresses that flare really wide at the bottom, as those will make you look shorter.

These are some of the many style tips that are geared towards petite women who find it difficult to purchase beautiful evening gowns that fit right and make them feel great. Keep these guidelines in mind the next time that you have to go dress shopping, as they’re sure to help you narrow down the many choices available.

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