What Can You Really Expect from the So-Called Fountain of Youth?

Finding a Hollywood star who has never had Botox is almost impossible. Finding one to admit that they had Botox treatments, however, is a whole lot easier. But the reality is that the majority of stars over the age of 40 has had the treatment, and many younger ones have as well. And, luckily, more of them are admitting to it as well, proudly displaying the procedure itself and the results. One of the reasons why it is so popular is because it is almost painless, and the results are fantastic. Where Read more [...]

How Lasers Can Zap Those Wrinkles Away

The health of our skin is constantly under attack. As we age, it loses its elasticity and youthful appearance. Combined with exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun (because we destroyed the ozone layer), and the environmental pollution that is around us, and it quickly becomes clear that we don’t stand a chance against Father Time. However, there are things out there that you can do, other than trying every single anti-aging and wrinkle cream that you can find in your local drugstore. One of Read more [...]

Preparing for Cosmetology School

Embarking upon a course of study is jarring for some people, and one of the reasons is because they aren't pursuing their dreams. Instead of continuing to subscribe to other people's ideas of what life should entail, follow your own ambitions. When that involves enrolling in cosmetology school, make sure that you are prepared. Define Your Interests If you were attending a traditional four-year institution, you would eventually have to pick a major. Going into a general cosmetology program is possible; Read more [...]

Trollbeads – The Latest Trend in Jewelry Accessories

For any woman who has ever loved jewelry, and what woman doesn’t, the arrival of Trollbeads issued in a trend that has continued to delight fashionistas everywhere. Whether you are simply looking to add more beads for bracelets you already have created or are trolling for new ideas, the Trollbeads site is a treasure trove of trendy ideas. Here you can search for that elusive single bead to match your recent outfit purchase. You can also look through their suggested bracelets for ideas on design Read more [...]

The best beauty products to shape your eyebrows – The secret of natural looking brows

If you are beauty conscious, you probably already know that a perfect eyebrow arch is extremely important, as it defines the entire facial structure in an elegant way. However, the sad fact is not everyone is blessed with the perfect natural eyebrows. While some have light hued eyebrows, some others have gaps and spaces in between eyebrows. Such issues with eyebrows could spoil all your efforts to look glamorous, but there is good news on the way. With the advancements of makeup products, you no Read more [...]

How to Take Care of Hair Extensions

More and more women are wearing hair extensions to add length and volume to their hairstyles. Several of today’s extensions are available in clip-in styles, making them easy to wear. Since these extensions are an investment, it is important to take proper care of them.   Wash Your Extensions   One of the best things you can do to care for your extensions is to wash them. Clip in hair can get extremely dirty after several uses. Although you do not need to wash the pieces each Read more [...]
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Style Yourself Up With Latest Fashion Trends

We all have that different stroke of style within us to evince our personality. But let’s spice it up knowing what is hot and rapping in the fashion zone in the world around us. As per the latest Cannes Film Festival details the actors bedazzled the red carpet with attire’s pros and cons. Let us take a deeper look at what they preferred as their style quotient. This Year’s Divas Ellie Goulding , of course accompanied by her beau Jereme Irvine looked perfect wearing the dreamy silver studded Read more [...]
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How to Wear a Maxi Dress and Look Great?

There’s nothing new about maxi dresses. For the last two years they have been making their way slowly but surely into the list of spring and summer fashion must-haves. You’ll be hard pressed this summer to find a store that isn’t stocking them in quantity. Also, of course, there are the long skirts that have the maxi-dress as their inspiration. As a big maxi dress fan, I had two special favorites last summer and this year I have already updated my collection with two more ankle-length numbers. Read more [...]

White Revere Bangle Loved by Women

In this highly fashionable and stylish world, every one wants to look trendy and stylish. In the market, you can easily find a wide variety of jewellery, in many attractive shapes, patterns and designs. If we talk about ornaments, then we can see many different types of jewellery like earrings, rings, bangles, necklace and so on. But according to a recent survey, it is said that bangles are the most selling and in demand jewellery piece. In jewellery stores, one can find gold, diamond, titanium and Read more [...]

Jewelry Online Store For That Angel in Our Lives

Jewelry online store has the perfect gifts this Mothers day to shower the women who mean the world to us. They cared for us always. It is amazing how much mothers go through, from the time we are born to our adult years, yet they still love us still, sometimes more than we deserve. This Mothers day let's appreciate our mothers with that jewelry and make her day. Women love to get adorned with gifts and next to family and a handful of great friends, there is nothing a woman loves more than a piece Read more [...]