Cars That Please BOTH Him and Her

There is no doubt that relationships are hard. While there are many different situations to deal with and questions to try to answer together, one topic that can often lead to headaches can be easily alleviated: which car to get. With this list of possible car options, you can find a car that both you and your partner will like to ride in while visiting the top Texas destinations from east to west, and will have one less thing to fight about. Finding something both males and females can agree upon may be difficult, but finding the right car for you both, one that is well built as well as being beautiful. You want a car that is something neither of you will be embarrassed to be seen in; something that is reliable as well as a work of art. 

Toyota RAV 4

While it is not a BMW per se, RAV 4s are aerodynamic and easy to fix. They are good cars for the city, whether you are just running errands or hitting the highway. These cars are sturdy and small, which makes them easy to get in and out traffic as well as perfect cars for fitting in the tiny parking spots usually found in metropolitan areas. RAV 4s are good for traveling not only because of their size, but also for their durability. The best part about this vehicle is that you can accessorize as you seem fit. You can add a bike rack on top or a cargo net in the trunk to better suit your needs, and the accessories are removable so that both of you can drive the car to suit your needs. 


A safe and reliable type of car, a Jeep has a great engine and beautiful exterior as well as a beautiful interior. While the new Jeeps are classy, they can also benefit someone who likes to go off-roading or adventuring as much as they work well in the city. This car is perfect for a shared household, in that it is sturdy as well as being customizable. Whoever is driving can choose to have the top zipped up or down, and you can easily haul tools or friends, or both. Just be sure the driver doesn’t get a ticket that may only be dismissible by taking traffic school.


If you are looking to find more of a family-friendly vehicle, there are many options. Certain mini-vans not only have enough seats for the family you may be thinking of starting, but the seats can fold down for extra trunk storage space for all the adventures you plan to go on before (or while) you settle down.


You can easily add a trailer hitch to the back and tow a boat or toy hauler off for a nice vacation, or fill the extra trunk space and headroom in the car with shoes and shopping bags. Certain large SUVs, like a Ford Escalade, can change how you drive. You may take up more space in the lane, but that also means that you have more space inside your car for a variety of things, whether it is people or luggage. Determining how much space you think you need inside your vehicle can help you make up your mind about what car you should purchase in the future. 

There are many different makes and models of cars to choose from, so it is important to remember to find what suits both of you the best. Picking a car for your future may seems like a hard decision, but if you both discuss what you want and need in a vehicle, you should be able to find one that suits both of your needs. As cars become more and more customizable, it is easier to find a vehicle that can work for the both of you.

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