The Beginners Guide to the ‘Four C’s’ of Diamond Shopping

Diamond shopping is in contrast to 'impulse' buying. Buyers need to do their research and when they do they'll find themselves faced with four new terms; clarity, cut, carat and colour. If these words don't mean much to you, read on for a simple guide to the four C's. Diamond shopping is not as easy as it seems, rarely do buyers walk into a shop, see a diamond and choose it straight away. First you need to decide what your budget is and thus what sort of carat, colour and clarity you are going Read more [...]
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Style Yourself Up With Latest Fashion Trends

We all have that different stroke of style within us to evince our personality. But let’s spice it up knowing what is hot and rapping in the fashion zone in the world around us. As per the latest Cannes Film Festival details the actors bedazzled the red carpet with attire’s pros and cons. Let us take a deeper look at what they preferred as their style quotient. This Year’s Divas Ellie Goulding , of course accompanied by her beau Jereme Irvine looked perfect wearing the dreamy silver studded Read more [...]

An overview on Polished Diamonds in New Zealand!

Diamond jewellery is a lot more than just very parts to make use of along with your clothes. Alongside fashion purpose, people also wear jewellery for social, therapeutic or religious reasons. The following article provides you with information on the different types of diamond jewellery and why it is so common with folks of all ages. Diamonds are women's best companion! This really is very true and you know-it better if you've a wife or female friend. How you can buy refined diamonds jewellery? • Read more [...]
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Five Great Reasons to take your Children Jewellery Shopping

This article looks at how children and teenagers can enjoy a sense of individuality through fashion jewellery as well as adopt a shrewd sense of shopping and to even create their own items. The times they are a-changing and in this modern age children are proud to be individuals and parents are happy to encourage them too. Rather than covet their parent's jewellery boxes, kids over the last few years have found their own sense of style through childrens jewellery and it's a great way to give them Read more [...]
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It wasn't much of a summer last year so it is some time since the sun has shone on bare legs. Now that summer is here, what is the fashionable lady wearing? What is the latest trend in summer skirts? Skirts for summer 1. What about length? This summer's skirts and dresses are any length including asymmetrical and dipped hems with the midi length skirt looking as though it will be particularly popular. It is suitable for the unpredictable blustery UK weather - no wind whipping up a midi skirt Read more [...]
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The Benefits of Shopping Online For Party Wear

As life becomes more and more busy, shopping online can be a convenient alternative to traipsing around the shops, especially when browsing and purchasing party wear, which can be difficult to track down. Taking the easy option There's nothing worse than making a huge effort to get ready and out the door to the shops only to discover they don't have anything worth buying, or worse still the perfect item is just within your reach but sadly not available in your size. Thankfully online shopping Read more [...]
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7 of the Best Fancy Dress ideas for Halloween

When searching for Halloween fancy dress, there are many costumes to take into consideration. Some are very popular whereas others haven’t been chosen often before but should really be worn by as many people as possible. Here are some of the best fancy dress ideas for Halloween. Ghost Face The Ghost Face fancy dress costume, which was inspired by the Scream movies, is still very scary nearly twenty years after the first film was released. With a creepy mask and long black clothes, it is very Read more [...]
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A Fashionable Dress For Every Occasion This Summer

Summer is almost here binging a wealth of new dress styles to choose from for your warm-weather wardrobe. Whether you are dressing for work, a wedding or a day at the beach, here is a run-down of the best dresses to take you there. Day-To-Day Dresses Working hard or off to the shops, these dress trends for spring-summer 2013 ensure you have the daylight hours covered. - Shirt dresses are a timeless summer classic, returning every year. Team with a skinny belt in turquoise or yellow for a Read more [...]
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Fancy Dress and Party Fashion for the Mature Woman

Feeling and looking great whilst out celebrating special events is important to everyone. Women over 50 may find it hard to find clothes they love which are fun and fashionable. What to wear Whatever your age it is always great fun to dress up for a night on the town or for a celebration with friends. Finding that perfect outfit will draw plenty of complements making you feel as good as you look. Whether you are going for a glamorous party look or attending an event in fancy dress it is possible Read more [...]