Asos The Online Leader For Fashion

Some say that social media has become a major force in determining what the next fashion craze may be. The ability to post pictures or videos in a matter of seconds for the world to see is something that many retailers have come to realize. No one group follows the trends or creates them like young adults or as they are called ’20 somethings’.

One retailer took this to heart and created Asos, a British online fashion and beauty store. Starting in 2000, their main focus was to target young adults in their 20s, who are just starting out in the world. Their online store has become the U.K.’s largest independent online retailer of fashion and beauty.

With more than half their business coming outside of the U.K., they are extremely diligent when it comes to shipping. They deliver to over 240 countries in the world and offer free shipping depending on the minimum order. For Asos Canada if you spent more than C$45.00 you get free shipping, which many of us can appreciate.

They have so many famous brands that it will take days to mention them all here, as well as having their own brand which does very well. What makes them so popular is their ability to sell items that are the latest and upcoming styles, fueled by their ability to use social media and getting their target market involved by posting pictures, creating groups, chatting with each other, has helped them become a major force in retail.

On their site you will find stylists to help you shop and tailor your wardrobe to fit your style. They have their own magazine where they show you the latest trends along with content by famous celebrities. For those who live on their phone and tablet, they have an app that you can shop with, but also be notified when sales start and end. The idea is to keep you connected and feel a part of a community within their company. After all word of mouth travels much faster today thanks to social media.

They have the styles in fabrics that customers want, that is easily accessible, at affordable prices no matter where in the world you are. Just to give taste of what they sell, coats, jackets, capes, denim, pants, shirts, Tees, shoes, hoodies and sweats, maternity, petites, dresses and so much more.

For accessories the list is equally amazing, with handbags, jewellery, watches, socks and for those who love vintage, they have a great selection of clothes and accessories. They also sell holiday and seasonal items and with Halloween around the corner you definitely will find something to purchase.

One more important thing to mention is Asos gives students 10% off on their purchase, all you need to do is sign up. Go and see what all the fuss is about, you will be happy that you did.

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