Are Mood Rings Still a Thing?

Mood rings were first created in 1975 by Josh Reynolds and Maris Ambats. They were entrepreneurs from New York who found success when the rings became a hit.


Since then, mood rings have become that one accessory every teenage girl had. Imagine having only one ring, but it changes colors now and then, depending on your mood. It’s like wearing something new each time!


Hence, it became a staple in the jewelry industry. But are mood rings still a thing in today’s society?


The Truth about Mood Rings

Mood rings were made from thermochromic elements.


According to those who make and sell these, the rings should change colors depending on your emotions. For example, if you’re happy, it should be a lovely shade of turquoise blue. Or they turn into a reddish hue if you’re nervous.


As young women, we believed in those. After all, they do change color.


However, mood rings don’t really predict someone’s mood. A difference in the temperature actually causes the change. The angle where you’re looking at it can also change its shade.


But it is not a surprise if mood rings are more accurate with its “predictions” than before. After all, science has evolved. It’s possible that jewelry makers worked with scientists to further improve the components of a mood ring.


It could be that the elements are more sensitive to the changes in your body. Our moods do affect the body’s temperature in some ways. The rings can catch that and change color, which would make its prediction more accurate.


Are Mood Rings Still Popular?

In a sense, they still are. There are still many who buy and wear mood rings, mostly younger girls who are fascinated with their color changes. Even those who know the truth behind its mood prediction still get them.




Mood rings weren’t just simple bands like they used to be back in the days. Today, you can find something that actually looks like a legit piece of jewelry. You can wear them on fancy dates or a party night.


You can find vintage-looking mood rings, which are perfect as statement rings. Or you can find something more simple. Of course, fancy rings like the one you had when you were younger still exist.


There is also the fascination with its changing colors. No matter how old you are, it’s still stunning to see your ring change in color now and then. And as we said earlier, it’s like you have a new piece of jewelry every time it changes its shade.


Are Mood Rings a Must-Have?

That really depends on your preference. If you’re into these mood rings, as some people are, then you can buy as many as you like. You can incorporate them into your everyday outfit if you wish.


However, they are not the type of accessory that every girl needs to own. Although if you did find an elegant ring, it could work with various outfits for any occasion.


You should also consider the price. When it first came out, mood rings were ridiculously overpriced. Nowadays, these are more on the novelty side and much cheaper.


But if you can find a better ring for that price, you might want to stop and consider your purchase.  For more options, you can check the luxury diamonds Vancouver has to offer.


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