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Accessories to Enhance Any Man’s Style

A man’s wardrobe is a reflection of both his character and his work ethic, and should therefore be regarded highly in the gentlemen’s world. While it may seem like throwing on the jeans you have been wearing for three days and picking a tee shirt off the ground is a fine way to live, paying extra attention to how you present yourself to the world will have significant and immediate effects. Utilizing a few simple pieces and integrating them into your wardrobe is a foolproof way to better opportunities throughout your life without being extravagant. Take a look at the following wardrobe staples to begin your journey to a better closet as well as a more rewarding lifestyle.



Watches are timeless pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful, and investing in a trustworthy watch will serve you well for years to come. A sophisticated outfit should never be tarnished with an old, grungy watch. Check out some of the latest trends in men’s watches for 2016 from a recent article on Forbes.


Also highly functional, quality belts will provide you with years of service, especially black and brown belts, which will match most of your already owned suits. You could even go for a bold look and incorporate a classic belt with an intricate design.

Pocket Square

Unfortunately replaced by hand sanitizer and napkins for most men, pockets squares offer functionality, class and style back in the breast pocket of your blazer. Feel free to experiment with different folds, and be confident in your dapper new look. Pocket squares are coming back into fashion according to Business Insider.


Scarfs look impeccable when paired with a pea coat or casual jacket on a chilly day, and offer a style many consider should only utilized by women. Contrary to this belief, however, scarfs are an excellent addition to any elegant outfit.


Cufflinks are an easy way to boost your look from classy to superior, and they are available in a massive array of different styles, colors, and materials. If you are looking for something that emphasizes your own personal style, go for the designer cuff links that will stand out among fellow businessmen.


Classic and easily worn during any occasion, casual or professional, ties are a must in every man’s wardrobe. Choose quality over quantity in the case of ties, because a cheap tie will be obvious even if paired with an expensive suit. There are a variety of different styles ties can be tied into, so educate yourself on some fun knots.


A man’s wallet is generally a testament to how well he manages and treats his finances. Keeping the same old wallet for years is unnecessary, as quality wallets are affordable and fairly easy to obtain.


A fun twist to men’s style, wearing bright or patterned socks with nice shoes draws attention to you in a new way. Be sure to pay attention to how the colors of your socks and outfits complement each other, and do not clash.

While integrating these key components into your wardrobe may seem like a hassle, each will prove to be an easy way to step your casualwear up a notch without being over the top. Most of these pieces can be worn without a suit and instead blended in with other casualwear, but all work beautifully with any and every suit. Overall, enhancing any man’s style is a worthwhile endeavor, and is certain to turn heads.

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