the newly married couple drive retro wedding car

3 Things to Remember When Organising Your Wedding Car

Have you thought about the wedding car yet? Planning a wedding is a huge task, you’ve probably assigned things to your best man and bridesmaid of honour already, but is anyone thinking about the wedding car? It needs to be sorted.

Don’t leave the wedding car to the last minute! If you’re organising the car yourself (a great way to save money), here are 3 things you really need to consider.

Is it going to break down?

You need to test the car to ensure that it won’t break down. If you’re adding heavy décor inside the car, like new seats for your bride to sit on, or a large stereo to blast wedding music, do a test run with this new weight in the car to ensure it won’t break down.

If you’ve got a vintage or very old car to use for your wedding, it’s going to be even more important to check that it won’t break down. Parts for unusual cars are hard to come by.

If you find that it is a little faulty then at least you’ll have time to find replacement used car parts! Autoparts24 have a huge range of different car parts for all makes of car. Get a mechanic to fit these if you don’t have the knowledge.

Who’s going to be driving the car?

Pick a sensible driver for your big day. You want someone who has driven this kind of car before and knows how to fix it up if you are to break down. Ideally, you want the owner of the car to be driving!

Ask your driver to bring spare tools with him. He can keep them in the boot, in case you break down.

Dress your car driver in smart clothes, like a private car driver or chauffer would be dressed. They can always change into their wedding clothes when they get to the venue. You might find that people take pictures of you in the car, on-route, or when you stop to get out at the venue, so make sure your driver looks the part in case he’s caught in any photos.

Decorate Accordingly

If you’re arranging your own wedding car rather than hiring, you have an amazing opportunity right there. You can customise and personalise the car in ways those that are hiring can’t!

You could change the colour of the car by painting it or wrapping it, adding big, beautiful bows or even making custom changes… like removing the roof! If you’ve got a cheap car to use, this is very simple to do.

Whatever décor or modifications get done to your car, make sure it is road legal before you drive out on the big day. That means that you’ll need to register the car as a custom car, demonstrating that it’s road legal and finding the right insurance to fit. Being arrested on your way to the wedding would be a nightmare.

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