3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace Your Curly Hair

“For years, I used to try to straighten my hair, but I’ve reached a stage where I think, ‘I’ve got red curly hair, and it’s actually really great.’”  – Bonnie Langord

Do you have naturally curly hair? If so, do you straighten it every day, or are you perfectly happy with your natural look? On the other hand, if you have straight hair, do you get it curled using a permanent curling treatment? If you have curly hair, salons such as Curls Rock advocate leaving your hair naturally curly. They also teach you how to manage and look good with an abundance of curls.

The fact of the matter is that we are all born with different hair types, colour and thicknesses. Some people have straight hair; others have curly hair. Additionally, hair can be flyaway thin or course, black, brown, grey, blonde, and all of the shades in between these basic colours.

Reasons for curly hair

A person’s genetic makeup is a major determinant of his or her hair texture, colour, and whether it is straight or curly. Scientists have identified (in a 2009 study) that hair type has about an 85% -95% chance of being inherited from a direct descendant. Furthermore, research shows that whether each hair strand is straight or curls depends on the nature of its follicle. In essence, an asymmetrical follicle will produce oval-shaped strands of hair that curl. On the other hand, a symmetrical hair follicle will produce round, straight growing hair. It is also worth noting that curly hair is made up of an uneven distribution of a type of protein (Keratin). This causes the hair strands to curl.

Why you should love your curls

Unfortunately, fashion tends to dictate whether you should have straight or curly hair. When fashion dictates curly hair, and you have straight hair, you rush off to your favourite hair salon to get your hair chemically curled. On the other hand, when fashion demands straight hair and you have curly hair, you either use hair irons or chemical straightening treatments such as a Brazilian hair straightening treatment to straighten your hair.

Therefore, here are e reasons why you embrace your curly hair.

Professional expertise

There are currently hair professionals such as those who are employed by Curls Rock who will give you a dry cut especially designed for curly hair, and they will advise you on what hair products you should use to keep your hair looking good at all times. It’s important to note that curly hair is dryer than straight hair so it’s important to use the applicable moisturising products to ensure that as much moisture as possible stays locked in your hair.

Unique look

The way your hair curls is unique and individual to you. Everyone’s hair curls differently; therefore, embrace your curly look and enjoy your uniqueness.

The natural look is easier

It is much easier to have a wash and wear hairstyle than having to spend hours in front of a mirror straightening each strand of curly hair. Not only is straightening your hair time-consuming, but you have to deal with burnt, broken hair. Therefore, leaving your hair looking natural is both much healthier looking and simpler to manage every day.

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