Preparing for Cosmetology School

Embarking upon a course of study is jarring for some people, and one of the reasons is because they aren't pursuing their dreams. Instead of continuing to subscribe to other people's ideas of what life should entail, follow your own ambitions. When that involves enrolling in cosmetology school, make sure that you are prepared. Define Your Interests If you were attending a traditional four-year institution, you would eventually have to pick a major. Going into a general cosmetology program is possible; Read more [...]

Skirts will never go out of fashion

In today’s culture addressing femininity is quite difficult. And with the western concepts of wearing pants and trousers and skinny jeans and tattered jeans and flared trousers almost everywhere we go, we end up following the styles which were essentially influenced by the guys wardrobe. It’s true that even by wearing jeans and trousers it is very much possible to emanate that extreme feminine charm and grace, but that is no way near the effortless charm that can be brought about by wearing Read more [...]
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Accessories to Enhance Any Man’s Style

A man’s wardrobe is a reflection of both his character and his work ethic, and should therefore be regarded highly in the gentlemen’s world. While it may seem like throwing on the jeans you have been wearing for three days and picking a tee shirt off the ground is a fine way to live, paying extra attention to how you present yourself to the world will have significant and immediate effects. Utilizing a few simple pieces and integrating them into your wardrobe is a foolproof way to better opportunities Read more [...]