Asos The Online Leader For Fashion

Some say that social media has become a major force in determining what the next fashion craze may be. The ability to post pictures or videos in a matter of seconds for the world to see is something that many retailers have come to realize. No one group follows the trends or creates them like young adults or as they are called '20 somethings'. One retailer took this to heart and created Asos, a British online fashion and beauty store. Starting in 2000, their main focus was to target young adults Read more [...]

Getting Stylish In Sherri Hill

Are you looking for an affordable but gorgeous dress to wear on your night out? There is only one brand for you, then: Sherri Hill. The dress-makers have been in business for many years and have risen to the top of their field with celebrities and average people alike finding the right look. The brand represents greatness and affordability. Their dresses also have a huge presence at the annual New York Fashion Week. The founder, Sherri Hill, is still an active designer and philanthropist Read more [...]

Why Hampers Are the Perfect Gift for Everyone

Deciding on a gift for a friend or a loved one can be a stressful experience. Gift cards do little to tell a person that you have thoughtfully selected a gift for them, and flowers do not last longer than a few days. Unless you know the person's exact tastes, finding the perfect present that is personable and thoughtful can be incredibly trying. One answer to this problem is giving your friend or loved one a hamper. Hampers are the perfect gift for almost any occasion, though they are most commonly Read more [...]