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How to Wear a Maxi Dress and Look Great?

There’s nothing new about maxi dresses. For the last two years they have been making their way slowly but surely into the list of spring and summer fashion must-haves. You’ll be hard pressed this summer to find a store that isn’t stocking them in quantity. Also, of course, there are the long skirts that have the maxi-dress as their inspiration. As a big maxi dress fan, I had two special favorites last summer and this year I have already updated my collection with two more ankle-length numbers. Read more [...]
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The Benefits of Shopping Online For Party Wear

As life becomes more and more busy, shopping online can be a convenient alternative to traipsing around the shops, especially when browsing and purchasing party wear, which can be difficult to track down. Taking the easy option There's nothing worse than making a huge effort to get ready and out the door to the shops only to discover they don't have anything worth buying, or worse still the perfect item is just within your reach but sadly not available in your size. Thankfully online shopping Read more [...]