4 Ways to Avoid Fashion Faux Pas When Visiting Europe in 2013

Visiting Europe is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many. The way you dress determines how you are viewed by locals and other tourists, and can have a definite effect on the experience. Dressing for success is not just for the workplace; for all of history people have known that fashion and taste indicate much about a person. Remember a few simple rules of dress for your European vacation and avoid a fashion faux pas. Bermuda Chic Hasn't Arrived Sandals, flip-flops, whatever you want to call Read more [...]
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7 of the Best Fancy Dress ideas for Halloween

When searching for Halloween fancy dress, there are many costumes to take into consideration. Some are very popular whereas others haven’t been chosen often before but should really be worn by as many people as possible. Here are some of the best fancy dress ideas for Halloween. Ghost Face The Ghost Face fancy dress costume, which was inspired by the Scream movies, is still very scary nearly twenty years after the first film was released. With a creepy mask and long black clothes, it is very Read more [...]