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Fancy Dress and Party Fashion for the Mature Woman

Feeling and looking great whilst out celebrating special events is important to everyone. Women over 50 may find it hard to find clothes they love which are fun and fashionable. What to wear Whatever your age it is always great fun to dress up for a night on the town or for a celebration with friends. Finding that perfect outfit will draw plenty of complements making you feel as good as you look. Whether you are going for a glamorous party look or attending an event in fancy dress it is possible Read more [...]

The Essential Do’s Of Styling up Right!

You know those days when you have a meeting scheduled at 9am in the morning and then that excessively important lunch with a foreign client followed by this baby shower of your best friend and then a dinner with your family? How exactly do you make up for those four different occasions dressed up perfectly and seemingly flawless in your carriage? To style up right is the key. It could be the small things that could make all the difference but fashion is now a much more comfort related factor Read more [...]