Why Fantasy Sports have become the Latest Trend for Today’s Women

Fantasy sports were once considered a past-time for geeks and nerds, for boys who enjoyed video games and wanted to enjoy the electronic version on their TV screens. Times certainly have changed, and the cliché image of avid gamers has seriously changed in a very short time. As a matter of fact, more and more women are participating in this latest trend.

This isn’t just good news for the industry. It’s also great news for the families of the women who love to participate. But why would that be so? Who benefits from it, and why are more and more women so attracted to online betting and gaming, anyway? Here’s why fantasy sports have become the latest trend for today’s women.

What exactly is fantasy sports?

It’s a whole new thing – or so it was until recently – and it continues to gain popularity, now more than ever. In essence, a gamer chooses his own players (based on real players of which a various number of statistics are recorded), and forms his or her own team. The team is a fantasy team, which then plays a game against another fictional team. Great prizes can be won this way. At Playing Legal, for instance, players can find out which virtual sports teams are the most popular, and which ones they can choose from.

How the industry projects growth

Currently, the market for the NFL stands at its peak with 70% of men and 50% of women becoming more interested. Fantasy sports have only begun to tap into that market. FanDuel, a leading fantasy sports company, observes that mostly 95% of its gamers are male, which leaves a huge unexplored potential of females joining the industry. It’s set to grow, and growth projections are consistent and sustainable.

The thrill and the prizes

One reason for its increasing popularity may be this: in exchange for an entry fee, gamers can play every day and get a chance to win fantastic prizes, based on the performance of the real players on that day. Statistics keep score and decide which fantasy team fares best. The rise of the Internet and the ability to play online via mobile devices only adds to the thrill – access to the games are virtually everywhere.

Women on the rise

Research found that about 40% of all women were actually interested in fantasy sports; gaming leaders claim it’s just a matter of advertising and has targeted commercials to capture the market. Some females are already pioneers in fantasy sports, but the figures are growing even as we write.

As it turns out, men and boys don’t just enjoy it when mom or sis participate in the game – they appreciate it, and love their female counterparts all the more for it. It’s an activity in which everyone can participate in, and this (a wonderful side effect) creates for more fun family time. The female demographic is still small – but it’s a fast-growing group, and it may just be the key to a larger industry and a new form of spending time together. It’s the wave of the future.


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