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Updated 21/4/04

www.cinestatic.com. Useful independent online 'community site' designed by Michael Forrest. Download lo-NRG mp3s by Smunk, offer your own comments, even buy some wedding dresses. The Cull's noble and patient host since way back in Jan 2004.

Blogs we recommend:
glueboot living the life of the mind in Newcastle
infinitethought living the life of the mind in London
k-punk documenting the k-punk phenomenon in music, film and philosophy.
Software Subversions
leading the vanguard of the e-revolution from some obscure West Midlands poly or other
sphaleotas sporadic eliptical broadsides against injustice and totalitarianism
undercurrent enthralling meditations on art and culture (plus fantastic photos)

www.blogger.com One of many providers of free weblogs. Got something to say? Get blogging!

www.abel.net.uk/~savoy/ Savoy Books: Englands only truly alternative and autotelic publishing company.

www.choppedherringrecords.com Manchester hip-hop label

www.haaretz.com Probably the least biased of all Israeli news media

www.sistervanilla.com Good site for 'little pop rock' act fronted by sister of JAMC brothers Jim and William Reid. Includes links to Jim's new band at www.FreeHeat.com

www.partizanmedia.com Scouse-centric media and cultural goings-on in the northwest

www.schnews.org.uk Valuable Brighton-based alternative news source committed to parties and protest

www.five.org.uk Clinical paranoia à la many unwitting WhoreCull letter contributors

www.ctono.freeserve.co.uk/ Mad Pride: survivors of psychiatry

www.critpsynet.freeuk.com/critpsynet.htm The Critical Psychiatry network

www.hearing-voices.org.uk Hearing voices? Click here.

"This near-female is the 'default' form of the human being. A boy child will become a 'female' in form unless hormones are stimulated to masculinize him." And other scientific proof that domineering mothers turn their sons into stunted, short-lived lady-boys.

www.nambla.de US paedophile organisation that believes it is their right to have consensual sex with children. They have never seen Morris's Paeoph Isles special, one suspects

Talking of which, definitive proof Morris is a Masonic Paedoph propagandist: www.scrby.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/brass.html

More from Morris (hopefully back in action soon...) http://www.smokehammer.com

www.subgenius.com Legendary US humour cult

www.theonion.com Spoof US newspaper. See lightweight humourous conceits strung out for paragraph after paragraph! (I know, I know, we can talk...)

www.tvgohome.com Guardian Guide TV reviewer displays nice line in mordant whimsy

www.brainwashed.com Massachusetts-based independent music site: includes weekly updates from its 'Brain' link

www.musicforfreaks.com 'Smash the normal' with the
help of these north London house music exponents

www.CounterPunch.org The bi-weekly muckraking US political newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair

www.vacuousninnies.com See and hear the most amazing things you've ever seen, or heard, in your entire life.

evans-experientialism.freewebspace.com/index.htm Xvan's Xperientialism, a massive philosophy and linguistics site including comprehensive resources for deprogramming yourself of any unhealthy fixations with Heidegger

blog.zmag.org/ttt/ Turning the Tide: Official blog of Noam Chomsky

www.media-underground.net/home.htm Extensive countercultural resources. Check out Mortimer's Messenger baits

www.cipa-apex.org/toomuch/ Too Much: monitoring America's appallingly wealthy

www.robnewman.com Excellent site with many useful links, by former comedy superstar and author of the definitive novel of the Battle of Seattle, The Fountain at the Centre of the World (Verso 2003).

Spoof posters satirising the Bush administration

Website promoting the christian-cretinous TV channel.
Topics include 'Why should Israel give back lands to
the Palestinians after terrorist attacks, it would be
like the US giving Osama Texas?' Plus, irrefutable
links of paganism to homosexuality, etc

www.cbn.com/partners/bringiton Pat Robertson
asks salient questions such as 'Do we have to share
chairs with Jews in heaven?' and 'Does God prefer
Americans to other people?'

www.opensecrets.org The website for the Center for Responsive Politics. Lots of data about money in US politics. Exposés about who's getting the donations, who's giving them and how dodgy the deals are

www.CorpWatch.org Comprehensive US website endeavouring to make corporations accountable for their actions. With links to its sister India site and a similar British organisation

www.thebulletin.org the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Chicago-based site with a mission to educate about global security issues, especially the continuing dangers posed by nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction

www.hereinreality.com/news/axis.html Good link into info on US corporations run by Rand

www.weeklystandard.com Comprehensive US-centric reportage and commentary

www.gregpalast.com Author of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0307/S00064.htm US vote rigging scandal -- bigger than Watergate!

www.michaelmoore.com Campaigning millionaire author and filmmaker's site

www.viceland.com Pan-western 'irreverent' free magazine that achieves through advertising revenue alone what (imp)Loaded, the Farce, Crazed and Confused, Fleas Nation and a thousand other £3.50-a-go imprints fail to

www.skepticfiles.org/socialis/christic.htm An overview of the Christic Institute -- All hail the US Interfaith Left!

www.skepticfiles.org Massive directory of cults, conspiracies and cranks

www.thenation.com Enjoy these dissenting voices from the States before they're forcibly silenced by W's murderous junta.

www.paganfed.demon.co.uk Our Wiccan mate from Norfolkshire insisted this was included

www.internalmemos.com/memos/ Corporate memos exposed in all their horror. Or visit their bedfellow site www.fuckedcompany.com/



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