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The rise of the militias: Washington is increasing Homeland Security, as are the 'little people' - with NRA backing no doubt

How the US media prepared for Gulf War III

"The emotion of America IS part of the story. Use it!" (

This is great. Whoever is writing it should really be in the military himself judging by the way he had masturbated over this precision-planning in his radio mess office ... In the event of any war it is important to have the branding and bumping of your coverage (nicked from someone else) in place.

Some talk of humantiarian contingency in the event of war, these idiots have their marketing contingencies in place. At least they aren't taking FoxNews' coverage. "Is there a foreign consulate nearby (Israel has one in Houston)". These people are in radio - what would it have been like on the TV stations!?

At you can display your own prejudices torso-wide. That's democracy. Or is it brainwashing?

"In liberating oppressed peoples and demonstrating honor and bravery in battle, the members of our Armed Forces reflect the best of our Nation... We are winning the war against enemies of freedom, yet more work remains. We will prevail in this noble mission. Liberty has the power to turn hatred into hope"

George Blair in his Independence Day Speech


The War on Terrorism
(Twot) - an effect

Recently I was working in a temporary job in a (non-combatant) army base in Aldershot, at the museum. On the second day I was given security forms to fill (inc. the Official Secrets Act) and gave them back. On the third day I was told that as my mum was "Algerian" (she was born in Algeria but hasFfrench nationality). I was not able to work there until the security clearance process was complete (a few weeks at least)... thus I in effect lost my job as they had to replace me as they were busy, and thus would not be able to keep the post vacant.

Chris Byrne

Ongoing effects of the US global supremacy drive

It's a little-known fact that most of the world's leaders are Space Raiders in disguise. These clever aliens have been impersonating American presidents since the days of George Washington. They're not my words, but those of Ashby de la Zouch-based KP Foods, promoting their crisps. With that in mind, let's have a look at some of the latest American hypocrisy. Truly a world where the US Department of Defense can develop a market which takes bets on political developments in the Middle East is fucked indeed

(Pol) Pot calling the kettle black - playing infinite games

News is coming over the (barbed) wires that only senior Khmers Rouges are now likely to stand trial for alleged 'crimes against humanity' during the revolutionary sequence 1975-79. The 'genocide' of 1.7 million people in the former DK is no doubt going to generate a pile of paperwork. Human rights activists are cock-a-hoop, and insisting on a tribunal under the jurisdiction of the UN, rather than a Cambodia-led whitewash.

Human rights activists are going to have their work cut out, for if 'justice at The Hague' (as nonsensical as 'sobriety in Cardiff') is now going to be parcelled out retrospectively then we might as well get the fucking beers in right now - izgonnabeonehelluvalongnight!

Tracking down 'war crimes' these days is like counting sheep. How long's a piece of string? (actually, according to Georg Cantor, the answer is equal to the difference between aleph 0 and aleph 1). Of course, this infinite game leads nowhere, and is - even Bushwhacker knows it - played for the sole purpose of preventing the game from coming to an end. As long as there is injustice in the world, inquests will be set up. And as long as the game is infinite, questions of who plays and who doesn't, of who's subject to the rules of the game and who isn't, are meaningless.

The only criterion in an infinite game is that there are no preconditions - anyone who wants to play can, and vice-versa (this is one thing 'war criminals' and the UN agree on: an infinite game isn't a James Bond narrative - although anyone who's been watching ITV recently might be forgiven for thinking it is).

Now, it comes as no surprise that the US, whose B-52s killed 2 million people in carpet-bombing raids during the Korean war, has curtailed the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over US citizens. The point is: it doesn't matter. Indeed, this is the shrewdest of moves for an infinite gamer: not only can the rules of an infinite game be changed during the course of the game, they must be. After all, this absolutely guarantees that no-one can win, that justice cannot prevail, that justice lies in putting off justice for good.

This is precisely why the UN, in backing this meaningless 'prosecution' of 'criminality' - what's the difference between an alleged criminal and a non-criminal in an infinite game then? - is consolidating the logic of US imperialism: the game in which no holds are barred, or whose limits are part of the game.

Infinity rules

But what about the Khmers Rouges? Where does this leave 'justice' in the name of the 1.7 million dead, the prosecution of those responsible for this degeneration from feudalism to Neolithic paganism? Let's not even go there. From Serbia to Liberia, Peru to Zimbabwe, our muck-raking media pisses on our backs and tells us it's raining. The Fourth Estate? More like the fucking Estates General! The discourse on human rights is fast becoming a new religion for consumer bunnies - give us a discount and save the children. What people can't understand in a zillion years is that The Khmers Rouges simply weren't playing an infinite game, but a finite one. Or rather a finite game within an infinite game.

Finite games have rules: Democratic Kampuchea is now a people's state. Rules, not laws. Rules don't determine how people act, they simply set conditions which constrain the freedom of the players, allowing room for manoeuvre within prescribed limits. The game is not defined by its rules. Only when we know what the rules are do we fully understand what the game is. Or how long it lasts. Or when to stop the game, assuming we're playing within an infinite time-frame, in order to redraw the rules. This is the only way we can ever decide who has won.

A Saddam metaphor
There is a man living at the bottom of my road, Mr Paul Hindley, who has let his front garden get out of hand and it is spilling out onto the public path in front. Some buds stuck to the arm of my jacket once and got ground into my carpet at home before I noticed and tracked down the origin of these foreign bodies. I managed to get the council to prune it back once but they are refusing to do so again. Hindley is an alcoholic and should be evicted. I have started a campaign among my neighbours to have him evicted because his property is unsightly and is bringing down the value of the homes around him.

Only Mrs McClusky at no 8 has expressed full support but I think that everyone else supports me but is too scared to say, in case Hindley finds out - he has a history of being aggressive when he's drunk, which is probably all the time. He needs to be moved for the sake of his poor family who are forced to put up with him. I have also spoken to social services once before when I heard a scream come from there. He is already a pariah around here and I have made sure that local shops won't serve him. Hopefully this will make his family see sense and boot him out themselves or myself and Mrs McCluskey will have to take matters into our own hands.

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