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Destroying western culture, tourism and perfidious influence on "paradise island" (who for, not the working Balinese?) is ok, but torching a massive area with people in it is just a little too mafioso for me... Obviously, the increasing amount of bourgeois distress cam shots tests my sympathies here....

As well as The Scum. A morning mayhem edition contained constant reference to Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden as responsible, with a smattering of Saddam slots and a picture (face only, there’s no need to include place in the image) of an obscure Muslim fundamentalist cleric from Indonesia — Abu Bakr Bashir — who could quite easily live in Luton or ... NEXT DOOR TO YOU, WITH HIS THREE WIVES, 47 SONS, 9 TANKS, 63 BOMBS, 40 THIEVES, AND PICTURES AND DRAWINGS FROM OSAMA AND SADDAM.

Speculative sacremongery has always been the stock in trade for ‘hard hitting’ politico journos such as the erudite, rational and respected Australian Trevor Kavanagh, who describes Australia as a peace loving nation. Howard’s anti immigration policy is obligingly depicted as fair and only drawing censure because those who wanted to enter Australia from Afghanistan were Muslim (the implication being, who in their "right" mind wants "any more" of them?).

Anyway, the fact that almost all of those people killed in Bali were westerners does point to the fact that perhaps not everyone can see the economic, or any other, benefits of tailoring your own country to the needs of transients, who do nothing else for the country than pay to abuse resources and facilities that the local population do not have a hope of enjoying (unless they’re in the position of launching a successful, US- backed coup and then they’d still have to share with the ‘master race’). And that’s ‘Islamic’ fundamentalism: ie, any threat to Western interests.

Actually, it would be good for the UK and US governments, Murdoch, WTO and Western corporations to stigmatise international travel and stop the possibility of any meaningful dialogue between people from very different countries. It’s very useful to nip any internationalist or commonality ideas in the bud, especially as the army needs more recruits. All we need to do now is privatise the education system to complete the circle of insularity.

Abu Bakr Bashir apparently has friends very high up in the Indonesian government, and is currently going round saying it was the Americans who done the bomb. If it was, it’s a pretty daft way to impress on people the immediate necessity of decimating Iraq.

Global capital is as much keen to turn the sunnier bits of the world into holiday playgrounds as it is to keep the turbulent bits in turmoil. Commercial airlines are just an offshoot of the military-industrial complex anyway. And how much talking to foreign johnnies do you actually do on the average package holiday? "I SAID, I WANT TO CHANGE A TRAVELLERS CHEQUE!!" Westerners don’t talk to foreign Gavins when they go on holiday to places like Bali (that’s part of the attraction no doubt). The year long, ‘I discovered my self in Calcutta and pretty ashamed I was too, holiday/travel experiences, away from the purpose-built complexes, are no better. Obviously there is a lot of conscience-appeasing cak that motivates many of these poverty tourists but it simply won’t do to have them even showing sympathy towards these poor people because that’s unpatriotic and ungrateful.

It certainly was that Indo-funda-dude. Like all mass religion mouthpieces, his comments are impartial and filled with the commitment to furthering the cause of humanity through multi-faith understanding. Just like Ian Paisley.


It is difficult for members of the ‘rent-a-crowd mob’ and the various ‘hard left whingers’ (as they were predictably depicted) who assembled to protest against the hegemonic advance into the middle east by the imperialist lunatics and their anglo-saxon co-conspirators (keep it real guys), to accept the overtures of rural arseheads from the Countryside March. Those with international grievances MUST be visibly tightly policed; those with Barbours and Tony Martin sympathies MUST be allowed to roam around central London like infected cattle, accompanied by a low profile and skeletal police presence..

400,000? Absolute bullshit. Perhaps if you are allowed to march in any direction you like and you’re not tightly hemmed in by a tight-lipped, ignorant, shit-kicking and eating police force you can spread across the main thoroughfares of Westminster and beyond to the camera’s delight. But this does not distract from the fact that these cunts are engineered fascists who thrive on the sponsored insularity that the party of landowners (over 80% of marchers vote Conservative) have always encouraged and indulged. The simultaneous slagging of the European Union at every given opportunity is breathtakingly stupid but shrewdly taps into general public disquiet, sorry, xenophobia, over closer links, of any description, with Europe. If it weren’t for the bloated and unbalanced subsidies distributed under the Common Agricultural Policy, these isolationist fucks wouldn’t have been spared the harsh realities of the free market that hundreds of thousands of people in mining communities were exposed to. These people, strangely, did not own vast swathes of land, properties and expensive machinery to insulate themselves from industrial collapse. But then they were never likely to vote Conservative, so the press and public alike were quite justified in ignoring the blatant injustice of the clinical application of free market forces. No subsidies for industrial communities but plenty for individuals who have significant saleable assets.

Hunting is the main issue of liberty and livelihood is it? What complete shit. Talk about appropriating the ire of many for the purpose of a few. The maximum number of people who would lose their jobs in the countryside and rural economy in general if hunting were banned is estimated (by the Cuntryside Annoyance) at 8,000 and that would be if there was absolutely no industry coming in to replace it. This is a red herring. No community around the shires, dales, moors, forests and fells of this sceptic isle will be faced with utter destruction of their local economy. No community in the country was convened by the government just to hunt quarry species and provide jobs for successive generations of horses and demented dog breeds. It was and is the sport of the privileged cunts who continue to parade around on horseback with turgid cocks and flabby pussies, just as their ancestors did ("it’s our right").

The contrast with the treatment of the miners during the 80s has often been mentioned but in a way that makes it easy for the Munchryside Suppliance to avoid the true connotations of the comparison. A tiny demographic slither remains committed to fox hunting and the vast majority of the rest of the country (in rural and urban areas) would like to see this pathetic pursuit banned. Unfortunately, this demographic ‘niche’ is not used to the reality of parliamentary democracy and cannot accept the overwhelming will of the rest of the country. They also have a disproportionate amount of representation among the right-wing media and the aristocracy (who can get all types of royalist bullet heads to scream behind their banners), as evinced by jug-eared Charlie von Saxburg’s ridiculous complaint that English (white) rural communities are an un-represented and excluded minority. It is not the fault of city dwellers if rural twats don’t want to have anything to do with the socio-cultural and hedonistic diversity of urban areas and it is certainly not the case that rural communities are an ethnic minority.

This is a concerted attempt to make racist thought a countryside birthright, keeping that Oswald Mosley heritage alive. As the number of black, asian and mixed race people rises in the cities (particularly London, where Cuntryside Annoyance acolytes can chart demographic changes from the safety of their city pads), the siege mentality in the country will be fuelled by militant farmers with a history of bad books and breath (Frederick Forsyth) and toadying, duplicitous, big-eared cunts masquerading as bumbling, harmless, fools who talk to plants (Pinch Charles).


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