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An example of the recent-ish trend -- whereby shopowners pay to have their corrugated security gates grafitti-ed up by enterprising street artists. Far better for the urban soul than uniform shades of grey

A Spurs-Arsenal war of words on this Great Cambridge Road building site fence aroused interest. First, the Spurs hooligans The Thursday Club sprayed "Sol Campbell — Judas" and other defamatory remarks after the Solman's move down the Seven Sisters Road. Then a hardy gooner replied with "2-1 in the Disney Cup" after Spurs lost to Blackburn in the Worthy Cup last season. Now some surrealist construction worker has jumbled up all the boardings so the text means nothing. An embarrassed lilywhite? Or just a pissed-up idiot on his way back from the nearby Wetherspoons?



Fight back with new

(projects life-size holograms of Vinnie Jones, Martin Kemp, Lex Luther and Derek Nimmo)


Adolph’s delusions,
part III
Part 1

Part 2

A Memo from Dr Adolph McGroot, chairman of the National Socialist Liberation Front, on top of the topical subjects as ever...


Item 1. On theology

"The creation of the cosmos," declared the Chairman, "evinces as much skill and forbearance as a nigger playing billiards." "But niggers can’t play billiards!" protested Pastor Waller.

"My point exactly," puffed the Chairman.

Item 2. On civilization

"Gentlemen, a toast!" the Chairman announced. "To brave white men, undaunted, striving fearlessly toward the infinite despite the vicissitudes of darkling fate!"

Item 3. On sociology

"It would probably be best to burn them in their own crack-pipes," mused the Chairman. "Sprinkle the ashes over Kensington Gardens and use them as nigger-compost! Sapling jew-niggers everywhere! Yielding some sort of luscious ebony-fleshed fig. We could pick them and eat them or even smoke them again! O blessed fruit! Oh darkling munificence! Oh joy!"

Item 4. On inversion

"The iniquities of the sodomites," the Chairman warned, "shall not go unavenged forever."

Item 5. On geopolitics

"Osama Bin Laden? Al-Qaeda? The prophet Mohammed?" queried the Chairman. "Ululating towel-heads. Nevertheless, Bong Laden’s undoubtedly a man of vision and foresight. Allahu akbar! May a thousand gleaming scimitars rape the great American cunt!"

Item 6. On narcotics

"By Christ’s scrofulous nuts!" exclaimed the Chairman, tamping down the white rock in his ivory-carved cob pipe, "crack cocaine’s the surest shortcut to Enlightenment. Fucking fantastic!


...after enjoying the rock, Adolf realised he had erroneously missed one of his favourite subjects for excoriation, so passed the baton onto his pastor friend, who decided to take on the ongoing rise of harlotry in the style of its eminent protaganists...

The first in an occasional series of sonnets by Pastor Bix Waller

Breasted Thing

This cunt.
This squawking titted hog.
This offal stuffed pus womb.
This rotten stinking cunt.
Purulent flesh.
On parade.
Too much flesh.
Too much breast.
Too much belly.
Too much thigh.
Lipsticked and made-up.
Pierced tongue, lip, nose, ear,
But still wants you to know:
It’s not for you, it’s for her.
This cunt.
This tittyhog.
The tittyhog speaks.
Listen to the tittyhog.
What does tittyhog want?
It wants:
Fuck. Booze. Cash. Career.
Cunt always wants more.
Cunt whines.
Cunt lusts.
Cunt gorges.
But cunt worries about its weight.

Cunt is a strong powerful independent woman.
What does cunt want?
It wants:
Love. Glamour. Friendship. Understanding.
Cunt always wants more.
Cunt screeches:
Men are pathetic.
Cunt shrieks:
Girl Power.
Cunt cries:
You don’t understand.
What does cunt want?
Always more cake for cunt.
Eat it.
Eat it cunt.
Watch cunt gorge.
Listen to it gurgle.
Listen to it gag.
Watch cunt choke.
Choke, cunt
I know it’s hurting you.

The Chairman

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