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From (currently out of action it seems), this Kennedy-authorised February 1962 document tells you the US’ secret intentions for a covert war against Castro...

"The Goal. In keeping with the spirit of the Presidential memorandum of 30 November 1961, the US will help the people of Cuba overthrow the Communist regime from within Cuba and institute a new government with which the US can live in peace..."

Composed of six phases, Action, Build-up, Readiness, Resistance, Revolt and Final, the establishment of a new government slated for October 1962 and seven key plans of actions.

"The operational plan for clandestine US support of a Cuban movement inside Cuba to overthrow the Communist regime is within policy limits already set by the President. A vital decision still to be made is on the use of open US force to aid the Cuban people in winning their liberty. If conditions and assets permitting a revolt are achieved in Cuba, and if US help is required to sustain this condition, will the US respond promptly with military force to aid the Cuban revolt?"

No, they’ll just acquire a corner of the biggest island in the Caribbean and torture Muslims who don’t agree with them because it was "them" who burnt their towers.

De-demonising China

The Chinese Embassy attempted to redress the Tibetan balance last year – not that any UK paper published it...

The "Free Tibet Campaign" stresses that the UK is the only country that does not recognise Chinese sovereignty over Tibet. The records tell that Britain is the only country that had invaded China’s Tibet!

Tibet, or Tubo, began to develop close relations with central dynasties in China from 640, and formally became a part of China after Kublai Khan, founder of the Yuan dynasty, united China in 1279. China has continued to exercise sovereignty over Tibet ever since.

The myth of "Tibetan independence" is the product of British invasion of Tibet. The most powerful empire of the 19th century knocked open the door of China’s Tibet through two invasions in 1888 and 1904. During the second invasion, British troops killed 4-5,000 Tibetans and looted and burned down many lamaseries.

Britain redoubled its efforts thereafter in cultivating pro-British forces in Tibet and instigating "Tibetan independence", taking advantage of China’s weak central authority after the Democratic Revolution of 1911. The British side tried hard to press the so-called "Simla Convention" on China, recognising China’s suzerainty over Tibet only.

Some ABC knowledge of Tibet:

A) Before 1959, Tibet had long been a society languishing under a system of feudal serfdom under the despotic religion-political rule of lamas and nobles...Numerous facts have illustrated how the old Tibet under the Dalai Lama’s rule was darker and crueller than the European serfdom in the Middle Ages. It is not only ridiculous but also despicable for those people to describe a restoration of this system and all its practices as keeping its "traditional culture" and respecting human rights there.

B) China is a multi-ethnic country with 56 nationalities. Tibetan is one of the minority ethnic groups, numbering about five million in total throughout China...Another fallacy is the claim that a large number of Hans have migrated to Tibet, turning the Tibetans into a minority. The fact is that the Han population in Tibet is small but quite limited.

C) The freedom of religious belief is fully respected and protected in Tibet as elsewhere in China.

(goes on to make point that the Dalai Lama announced the 11th Panchen Lama against the ways of "Buddhist doctrine," against "historical conventions", against "long-established Tibetan Buddhist ritual" and against "the wishes of the 10th Panchen Lama.")

Great changes have taken place in all aspects of Tibet since the Democratic reform in 1959...It seems really painful for some to see the poverty and backwardness of old Tibet disappearing. It is absurd and totally inhuman to attempt to keep Tibet as an anthropologist…

dark future

Dr Adolph McGroot, who last issue was extolling the virtues of Peter Sutcliffe, seems to have been watching too much MTV

[Note: The following transcript was made from an audio-recording of Chairman McGroot's speech at 'The Future of Pan-Aryanism' conference on the 24th of June 2001 at the University of Warwick. It was of course during this address that an attempt was made on McGroot's life by the crazed black lesbian separatist Wanda Hucksickle. In the ensuing chaos triggered by this, the 22nd assassination attempt upon the Chairman, the recording was irreparably damaged, rendering some sections undecipherable. Odin be praised, the impudent Negro sapphite's markspersonship proved as maladroit as her command of received English and the Chairman survived. We reproduce the surviving tape transcripts here, in spite of the aforementioned lacunae, certain that the irrepressible potency of McGroot's message overcomes these hindrances just as the Chairman continues to survive 'the slings and arrows of outrageous Negrodom' - Bix Waller.]

Recording begins:
McGroot [solemnly intoning]:

To be, or not to be,
A white man:
That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to
suffer the slings and arrows of
outrageous Negroes,
Or to take arms against a sea of darkies,
And by opposing,
End them?

To tangle with negroes is irksome
To tango with sambos is sweet
So temper your ire with a
well-mannered prance
And watch darklings flee from the street.

Do you love Negroes? I do. I've loved the Negro race my whole life. I love Negroes and all Negrociousness. Smiling, happy, carefree, wiry and woolly, singing and dancing in their own inimitable way. Long live Negroes! No racist I - for I love Negroes. And yet…

Friends, I am a white man. Do you know what that means? It means that I prefer science to superstition, rhapsody to rap, Pergolesi to P.Diddy. I love Negroes - and yet…The cultural legacy painstakingly accumulated over two millennia of European civilisation whispers urgently in our ear: Are we not white?

Whiteness is far more than a merely regional, European phenomenon (as Dr. Strumpfvögel so ably demonstrated this morning). Stretching across the galaxies, weaving through the nebulae, there winds an intricate chain of sentient organisation that is primordially Aryan in nature. Throughout the cosmos, intelligence is Aryan. Aryanism is far more than a racial condition; it is a universal sine qua non for cognition.

Negrotorical imperative
How do we recognise the Aryan? The tell-tale signs are immediately apparent: he instinctively prioritises the life of the mind over the Negrotorical imperative to dance, sing and fornicate. Bemused, the serene Aryan observes the feverishly gesticulating Negro as the latter obliterates sentience through his frenzied jungle prance. How they love to dance! And how we love to watch them prance! 'To tango with Negroes is sweet…'

Racism? No - merely an acknowledgement of two fundamentally incompatible destinies. The Aryan thinks while the Negro jigs. The Pan-Aryanist message is one of hope, not hate; of pride, not prejudice. I extend the white hand of friendship to all Negroes. Perhaps they'd clasp it in return, if they could just stop dancing and fucking for more than ten seconds at a time…

Friends, I love Negroes - but I love the white race more! And I fear our civilisation - Aryan civilisation - is being turned into an all-singing, all-dancing circus of Negrociousness; an interminable Nigger-Fuckathon; a degenerate den of Sooty Whoredom…

Superpimp rape anthems
Bootylicious bikini-clad Afro-bitches, buttock cheeks wildly wobbling in time to the punitive rhythms of superpimp rape anthems like 'Ass-Nigger' and 'Chump-Fudger' as defenceless flaxen-haired Scandinavian tots watch helplessly. Do we want these preening Shit-Dribblers and assorted Negrosexuals peddling their frenzied, drug-addled satyriasis to impressionable Aryan toddlers? How much longer must we tolerate the meretricious prancing of the Negrosexual, the sway of Sooty Whoredom?

Negrosexual 'culture' - I use the term advisedly - revolves exclusively around two constants: dancing and fucking. Is it racism to suggest that there may be more to life than dancing and fucking? That a bi-millennial cultural legacy demands rather more from us? If so, then I can only plead guilty as charged. Listen to the Negrosexual's jive: has it ever contained much besides the lecher's paean and the cuckold's whine? What is the jigaboo's jig about? NEGRO-ABUSERS, SUPERFLY WIFE-BEATERS AND SWEETHEART-MISTREATERS…

And what do these Negrosexuals have to say in their own defence? Only that "THEYS 'KEEPING IT REAL'". How so? By dancin', snortin', tokin', and fuckin' 'theyselves' into oblivion 24 hours a day and entreating us to do likewise. White furs, limitless cocaine, grotesquely ostentatious jewellery and 24-hour jacuzzi sex: these are the parameters delineating the apex of Negrosexual aspiration. Is this what we want for our children? Well, while 'theys' keeps it real, we'll keep our fingers on the trigger - KNOW WHAT I'M SAYING? In the name of civilisation, in the name of the future, in the name of sentient life everywhere in the universe - I DEMAND RACIAL APOCALYPSE NOW!!

Angry voice from audience: YOU FUCKING RACIST TWAT!

McGroot: Such is the specious reasoning of the Negrosexual…[garbled]… Listen, nigger-cunt: science proves that if there's intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, it doesn't have frizzy hair. The cosmos is Aryan. I am not a racist, I'm a spokesman on behalf of universal sentience. ARE YOU LISTENING MUD-PEOPLE!!

[more shouts and protests from audience. Unintelligible clamour]


McGroot: Madam, I am not a racist, I AM A PAN-ARYANIST

… [garbled]

FACT: 87% of blacks are genetically incapable of counting higher than the number three. Is it really feasible to suppose that the future of civilisation is safe in these people's hands? ARE WE NOT WHITE?

… [garbled]…

Intelligent life is Aryan, you sad bunch of spear-chucking jigaboos!

[howls of outrage and derision from audience]

McGroot [bemused]: Impertinent b'zuzus!

Wanda Hucksickle: "YOU DEAD, YOU HONKIE PRICK!!"

McGroot: Madam, by all means, start the race war now. Let the darklings quake and the Negroes shake! RACIAL APOCALYPSE NOW!! ARE YOU LISTENING MUD PEOPLE!! CUNTBLACKNIGGERPOOFCUNTSHITNIGGERCUNT…

[Sound of gunfire in auditorium, followed by uproar and pandemonium]

[End of tape]

McGroot's Pan-Aryanist Syllogism

"Everything turns on grasping and expressing the True not just as Substance but equally as Subject": GWF Hegel

Let 'Subject' = Pride of Aryan Manhood

Let 'Substance' = Curse of Sooty Whoredom

Then by the inexorable logic of White Reason, it clearly follows that Subject = Substance

Ergo GWF Hegel was a Negrosexual catamite.

The Chairman
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