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What To Do If You’re Having A Bad Day

Bad days are never fun. They weigh you down and make you feel like you want to crawl up in a ball, beneath a pile of blankets, watching whatever is streaming on Netflix. However, you don’t have to let a bad day keep you down; there are ways to perk yourself up, so you’re ready to get back out there. Here are a few coping mechanisms, so you can feel better much quicker.


Get some rest and drink a lot of water. Having a bad day could simply be because you’re tired, crabby and dehydrated; therefore, lay down and give yourself a break. A short nap usually does wonders for your mood. If you can’t take a nap, go for a short walk or take a break and unwind. Refresh and rejuvenate with a glass or water or tea. The idea is to rest your mind and body for a little while, so hopefully, you’ll start feeling better in no time.

Talk to Someone

Talk your bad day out with a friend or family member; sometimes that’s all it takes to feel better. Expressing your emotions and getting your feelings off your chest can be the perfect remedy. Talk it out and feel the weight lift from your shoulders. Having a short conversation may be all you need to bounce back from a glum mood. Who knows, your friends or family may be able to make you laugh.


Thanks to the 21st century, there are many entertaining images and videos circulating the internet; therefore, go online and search for hilarious memes to make you laugh and enjoy the smile it brings to your face. Alternatively, call a friend and chat about an old memory that has always made you laugh. You could also watch a film you find funny, or that cat video that never fails to better your mood. Inviting your closest friends over to join in could also better your chances of lifting your spirits.

Do Something Fun

Go out and do something; even if you don’t feel like doing it. Force yourself to play a sport with some friends or go for a bike ride. Once you start the activity, many people’s moods will stabilize; it is the beginning hurdle which is the hardest to overcome. By focusing your mind elsewhere, you will hardly have the time to deliberate the original cause for sadness.

Participating in a sport will release endorphins; chemicals that are known for increasing a person’s mood. Going out for a thirty-minute jog or hitting the gym can elevate your mood, setting you up for the rest of the day. Pair it with healthy eating, and you’re onto a winner.

Accept it & Let it Pass

Another way to get through a bad day is to accept that you’re feeling down. There’s not always a reason why and sometimes it’s not worth fighting the feelings. Let yourself feel bad, let it pass, and move on the next day. Sometimes there isn’t an instant cure, so letting it run its course is the only way to get over it.


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