Trollbeads – The Latest Trend in Jewelry Accessories

For any woman who has ever loved jewelry, and what woman doesn’t, the arrival of Trollbeads issued in a trend that has continued to delight fashionistas everywhere. Whether you are simply looking to add more beads for bracelets you already have created or are trolling for new ideas, the Trollbeads site is a treasure trove of trendy ideas. Here you can search for that elusive single bead to match your recent outfit purchase. You can also look through their suggested bracelets for ideas on design as well as order earrings, a necklace or a darling Trollbeads designed ring that matches your own bracelet creation. But how did this trendy new look come to be so popular?

Danish Design

It all began in Denmark in the mid 1970s when young Danish silversmith Soren Nielsen started making little troll faces for his father’s jewelry shop. When Nielsen’s sister asked if he make one that could be threaded on a leather thong instead of hung from it as most charm bracelets do, he did so and they were a hit. She decided to offer them as a new way to create a bracelet and soon found herself in business. Within a short time, she had opened her own shop selling the beads exclusively. The unique look of the silver beads combined with the unusual idea of threading beads on a leather thong instead of hanging them from a bracelet chain gave Trollbeads a foothold in the very competitive world of fashion jewelry. The sister and brother had begun a trend that continues today.

Individual Creativity

It soon became apparent that what the customers really loved about this idea was that they could indulge in their own creativity when they bought their beads for creating their own jewelry. By stringing them on either a silver chain or a leather thong in the order they chose, customers could create their own unique design. In an era where mass production had made fashion boring for many young people, this was an idea they could embrace. With the introduction of hardware to create matching rings, earrings and necklaces for these expressive little bracelets, the company had responded to a need many others had ignored. The need for individuals to use their jewelry to make a statement or tell their own story.

Telling Your Own Story

Today there may be several other companies that sell individual beads, but none that originated the idea the way this Danish brother and sister did. In fact, with the proliferation of small bead shops to encourage many to create their own jewelry, this is an idea that has become a staple in the crafts world as well as part of fashion. Whether combining local bead maker’s handmade beads with Trollbead’s trademark silver beads, or learning to loom beads for a woven bead necklace, it is all about telling your own story. A story that like the brother and sister team, combines creative expression with a need to adorn our fashions with our own sense of beauty. A success story for today’s modern world.

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