Top Tips for Gearing up Your Office Outfits for Winter

With winter drawing ever closer and the weather getting worse with every passing day, now is a good time to be thinking about how you can adapt your current work wardrobe to ensure it’s ready for the new season. You don’t have to have a complete wardrobe overhaul, but some additions could make all the difference when it comes to keeping you warm in lower temperatures.


Pick up a Warm Business Blazer

This summer, asymmetric sleeves and button placement has been all the rage on the catwalks, and the trend continues into winter.  However, you may want to pick up a blazer with a slightly thicker lining to keep you warm in the colder weather.

If you can get a patterned lining, that’s even better, because big bright shapes and stripes are really on-trend this winter, particularly in deep, bold colours like burgundy and racing green.  You could even accessorise the trend with a pocket square; it won’t protect you against the cold but it’ll look good.


Swap Your Shoes for Boots

Many men might not even know that smart business boots even exist, but they do.  Swapping out your shallow, slippery shoes for some of these professional looking business boots will help you protect your feet from getting wet. An added bonus is that from a fashion perspective, they’re a real statement piece and will help you stand out against the crowd.  You can even find boots with buckles on them and other features which will help you create a truly unique look.


Accessorise with a Smart Scarf

A scarf is both practical and fashionable, and can be precisely the accessory you need to set your look on fire.  Ditch plain material for stripes and exciting patters like the ones on this Pinterest board and you’ll help to keep yourself warm and look great doing so.  A fact to always bear in mind is that over 70% of your body heat escapes from your head and the top of your body, so wearing a scarf will help to insulate you against the worst of the heat loss.

Remember too that once you take off your coat, your scarf will sit against your shirt, so ensure that you think about the two in combination.  If you need to address this problem with a purchase, look no further than a store like New & Lingwood which has a selection of high-quality, durable shirts to match any look.

So there you have it: a few ideas to help you convert your business wardrobe from summer style to being worthy of winter.

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