Top 5 Petite Cars for Fashionable Females

In the market for a new vehicle? Small is chic and cute is cool, but if a car is going to get you to school in style, your decision shouldn’t be made on looks alone. So, check out these five smart, little hot rides – but don’t just plop down on a car on looks alone.  Make sure you test drive ‘em, compare their prices, and weigh price against practicality. When it comes to fashion, arriving on time in one piece, and knowing how to answer the top 6 Hollywood tourists questions, is the greatest way to look great.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Bolt isn’t the cheapest car on the list or the most aggressively styled, but it’s completely electric! Alternative fuels are not only fashionable they’re great for our planet and worthy of driving on the Red Carpet. The Bolt EV has a higher base price than the average base price, but it was chosen as Car & Driver’s “Editor’s Choice” and “#1 Electric Car.”  The magazine also notes the car, “…gives the Tesla a run for its money.” It may not be as cute as the Fiat 500E, or as futuristic as the BMW i3, but it will travel farther on the highway and carry more luggage.

Mini Cooper Convertible S / JCW

Those seeking to dial up the driving fun of a convertible can opt for the Mini S or JCW. While keeping the Cooper’s much-loved style and paint themes, the Mini S makes 189 hp and adds performance goodies that make it go faster, stop more reliably, and handle better. It has large, 17-inch wheels that make it really stand out and a standard six-speed manual shift transmission which means you not only look great, but super-competent behind the wheel. Car & Driver says “Ride quality suffers on bumpy surfaces,” though. No problem for the fashion conscious—the Runway is always smooth.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

This quirky hatchback definitely turns heads and is a standout not only in looks, but for its 80-hp electric motor. Designed as a city car for short trips (in the 1960’s they would have called it a “grocery getter”), the Smart goes everywhere with a single-speed transmission sending power to the rear wheels. This can also mean less speeding tickets and less trips to traffic school. While some fear that it may be a bit more like a golf cart than some of the other electric cars on the road, it’s also more of a fashion statement. The onboard charger replenishes the battery from zero to 80 percent in 2.5 hours, so it’s great for commuting and a breeze to park. A fold-flat passenger seat and crosswind-assist for highway driving compensate for the small size, which has been called “perfect for urban mobility.”

Ford Mustang

If you’re not the kind to trade fashion for performance, there’s only one car that will do. It always looks great and every year is a classic. The original “Pony” car for the hip young lady is the Ford Mustang, and this latest version has a low stance and fastback styling Car & Driver calls “simply stunning.” Plus, with a variety of engine and transmission choices available to suit your style and needs, the Mustang means you can get wherever you’re going feeling confident that your vehicle is well-tuned to your driving needs, as well as being in demand in the style department. You’ll always want to arrive on a pony.

2017 Honda Civic

Yep it’s plain, Jane. It is without a doubt the most vanilla, and average-looking car on this list, but it’s also one of the best. A perennial favorite among award-winners, the Civic is consistency exemplified—well-built, well-styled, and incredibly reliable. It’s also available in plain, sporty or hatchback configurations, and with engine and transmission choices that mean you can fine-tune the ride a bit. Overall, the Honda Civic is a smart, versatile car that will continue to get you wherever you want to go for a long time. It’s interior styling is suited for shorter body frames, and that also makes it perfect for this list. Smart is always fashionable.


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