Summer fashion tips for 2018

Summer is near, and the time of shorts and sundresses is upon us. The wardrobe is going through a renewal, and you need to know, which styles are relevant this summer. This is, why we have compiled a list of our summer fashion tips for the summer of 2018. Get ready for the light summer breeze, sun in your face and with a nice, cold drink in your hand in good company and have the time of your life. We have styles for any summer setting. Here is the list:


Light colours over dark

Light colours are preferable in the summer times. Not only do they not absorb as much heat as the darker colours, but they also look much lighter, happier and generally give out summer vibes.


Loose fits over tight fit

Flowy summer dresses and tops are very fashionable. They generally have a more summer-y vibes. Unlike tight fitting clothes, they will not stick to your body and make you all sweaty. They will however sit comfortably and flow in the sweet summer breeze.


Fanny packs/bum bags

Fanny packs, bum bags, call them what you want – fanny packs are back for 2018. They were well known during the 80s, where every kid had one, and now they have returned. Spotted multiple times at fashion shows with brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, and many other high street fashion brands, the fanny pack is sure to be a huge fashion trend this summer. They are kind of street, but they can definitely still be classy as seen with Balenciaga and Gucci. No matter what, the fanny pack is cool, practical, and loaded with fresh, youthful, happy summer vibes. Pack your sunscreen, sunglasses, and strawberries and gather your friends for a cosy picnic in the sun.


80s style

The 80s are back. Seen at many summer fashion shows with brands like Givenchy, Off-White and Saint Laurent, the 80s style of bright colours, puff sleeved jackets, slouchy boots, and boxy blouses has certainly returned. Get ready for a bright, vibrant summer with lots of summer lovin’ 80s vibes.



These summer colours look great on any piece of clothing. Throw on a light pink or red blouse, shorts, skirt, or t-shirt, and you are sure to look nice and fresh during the summer. Many designers liked vibrant colour patterns on the clothing, which only adds to the stylish summer look. If you are looking for trendy, vibrant summer clothing for the 2018 season, we can greatly recommend Saint Tropez. They are a cool, young brand with an awesome selection of summertime clothing. Visit Saint Tropez here.


Power shorts

Another big winner in the 2018 fashion shows was the power shorts. Maybe these have also been inspired by the 80s styles, but they are without a doubt a big trend this summer. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Balmain, and Off White were showing off their personal versions of the classic power short. With vibrant, bright colours and cool colour patterns, these shorts will be a big winner this summer.




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