Setting Up a Jewellery Making Studio

Whether you are a serious jewellery maker or a dabbling hobbyist, setting up your jewellery making studio is very important. It will give you a place to work on your jewellery where you are not distracted by anything else and you can really focus on your art. If at all possible it is best to have a room that you can occupy permanently, so that you don’t have to set up and then take down your jewellery supplies every time you want to work. This can be anywhere – from a corner in a room to a spare bedroom to a shed in the yard.

So, how can you set up your jewellery studio in the best way possible so that you can make the most of the space?

Designing the Space

When it comes to setting up a jewellery studio you will need to think about some of the practical questions. For example, where do you need to place the power plugs? Where will your jewellers bench be located? How can you make sure that any open flames that you are using will not set anything alight?

Take your time to think about these factors and plan them out before you get started with your jewellery studio. You will probably need more room for your tools than you might think and you will want to install more power plugs so that you don’t have to have extension cables running all throughout your studio.

The best place to set up your jewellery studio is in an open space with natural ventilation, such as near a window. If you are doing small knotting and beading projects that only require superglue or a hot glue gun all you will need is a fan in a window.

If you are working with other forms of jewellery such as epoxy resin or soldering, you will need to be serious about ventilation. Don’t set up within a confined space such as a walk-in closet as the fumes could be dangerous to your health. You can also increase the ventilation by working near a fan. The fan will help to blow away the toxic fumes away from the area. You could also use a kitchen exhaust hood.

It is also very convenient if you can install your studio near a water source, such as a utility sink. This will make it easy for cleaning and to refill any water bowls you need. The sink should be one that is not used with dishes or food.

Important Safety Tips

When you are setting up your jewellery studio, it is crucial to think about safety – especially if you are soldering metals and working with these types of materials. When it comes to soldering, make sure that the flame always remains in the soldering area. Whenever you are lighting the torch, you should always be close to your solder board and fire bricks. Keep your work table away from carpet, drapery or anything else that could burn.

Always make sure that the table is protected with something fire-proof. Building a brick wall around your soldering area will keep the flame where it belongs, inside the work area. Also, just in case something hot falls on the floor you should protect it with a fire-proof carpet or mat.

Table Height

When you are making jewellery you will want to keep your eyes close to the work to refine the small details, which is why normal tables are much too low for jewellery work. Use a table that is raised to the level of your clavicles, because if it is too low your neck and back will be hunched and you will be sore and stiff after time. You can use an adjustable chair to lower and raise yourself accordingly.

A jeweller’s bench is designed to be ergonomic and it will help you to organise your tools. The height can be customised for you by sawing the legs and many are designed with trays for sweeping filings, drawers for tools and jewellery making supplies and more.

These are just a few important tips to keep in mind when it comes to setting up your jewellery making studio, so that you can buy craft supplies and have your own special place to practice your art.

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