Professional Dressing Tips 2015

Boost Your Personal Brand by Dressing for Success

The way you dress communicates a lot about you. This is particularly true within the office environment, where clothing can have a huge impact on future opportunities and advancements. In fact, many will dismiss a person based on appearance alone before getting an accurate view of one’s abilities.

Whether such hasty assumptions are ultimately true, not putting effort into your appearance can result in many detrimental effects. That’s why dressing for success at all times is such a crucial concern among the career-minded.

Dress for the Job You Want (Not the One You Have)

Looking apart is a huge component of inspiring confidence in the people around you. First impressions tend to have staying power, and those judged as inexperienced in a given situation may find themselves fighting a losing battle against this perceived lack of authority. This can be damaging when vying for a promotion or in other work situations.

One way to overcome this is by dressing for the job you want, not the one you have. This contributes to a confident persona that will get you noticed by upper management, which is an integral step towards winning their trust and loyalty. It can also serve as an internal confidence boost, which will then influence the way you carry yourself within a work environment.

Emphasize Business Over Casual

Many businesses have chosen to forgo overly formal attire for what is commonly known as business casual. While this may come as a great relief to employees, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when selecting less formal work attire.

Also consider it from the view of important clients; would a particular outfit inspire confidence in your company from their perspective? Though being comfortable during the day is important to performance, this comfort shouldn’t supersede maintaining a professional appearance.

Tailor Clothing Choices to Individual Situations

As illustrated above, pleasing clients is an important aspect of dressing for business success. However, not every client is the same. Flashier clothing may impress some, while others may prefer more conservative apparel.

Accordingly, tailoring clothing to a particular client can be extremely beneficial to forging a stronger working relationship. Clients may also respond better to new ideas and proposals if they feel a sense of comfort about the person they are doing business with.

Personal Expression Meets Professionalism

Of course, one shouldn’t completely do away with individual expression when dressing for work. The key is to seamlessly blend your personal style. Doing so will afford a more confident appearance overall, which is bound to open up a world of opportunities.

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